Machine Drawing Viva Questions and Answers - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Machine Drawing Viva Questions and Answers - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Which is the point or path that always changes its direction to form a line?
    (A) Horizontal line
    (B) Vertical line
    (C) Inclined line
    (D) Curved line

2. What is the part of a circle with horizontal and vertical radii making 90 Degree to each other?
    (A) Chord
    (B) Quadrant
    (C) Radius
    (D) Segment

3. What is the angle of horizontal line?
    (A) 45°
    (B) 120°
    (C) 220°
    (D) 180°

4. What is the name of curve that has zero eccentricity it equal to one?
    (A) Ellipse
    (B) Parabola
    (C) Hyperbola
    (D) Circle

5. What is the sum of exterior angles for a hexagon?
    (A) 120°
    (B) 80°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 18°

6. Which is used in drawings to represent the edge of a solid object?
    (A) Angle
    (B) Vertex
    (C) Surface
    (D) Line

7. What is to draw or measure angles the instrument used?
    (A) Protractor
    (B) Set-square
    (C) Compass
    (D) French curve

8. Which type of lines are drawn as dashed wide lines?
    (A) Visible edges
    (B) Cutting planes
    (C) Hidden outlines
    (D) Dimension line

9. What is the quadrilateral if all the four sides are unequal and one of the angle is 90 Degree?
    (A) Parallelogram
    (B) Trapezium
    (C) Rhombus
    (D) Rectangle

10. What is the complementary angle of 0 Degree?
    (A) 65°
    (B) 60°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 180°

11. What is the length of a straight line between two points on the circumference of a circle passing through its centre?
    (A) Chord
    (B) Sector
    (C) Circumference
    (D) Diameter

12. Which is 'A2' size in the engineering system of paper size?
    (A) 841 mm × 1189 mm
    (B) 594 mm × 841 mm
    (C) 420 mm × 594 mm
    (D) 210 mm × 297 mm

13. Which types of lines are drawn using T-square?
    (A) Vertical
    (B) Horizontal
    (C) Curved
    (D) Angular

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