Marine and Stationary Engine Diesel Mechanic MCQ - ObjectiveBooks

Marine and Stationary Engine Diesel Mechanic MCQ

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. How the fluid coupling is termed?
    (A) Static device
    (B) Aero dynamic device
    (C) Hydro dynamic device
    (D) Electro dynamic device

2. Which is the device used to transmit the rotary motion in marine engine?
    (A) Hydraulic jack
    (B) Hydraulic brake
    (C) Hydraulic actuator
    (D) Hydraulic coupling

3. Which is the commonly used cooling medium in the marine engine?
    (A) Fan
    (B) Coolant
    (C) Sea water
    (D) Cooling water

4. Which engine is used sea water cooling, water cooled?
    (A) Aircraft engine
    (B) Marine engine
    (C) Heavy vehicle engine
    (D) Light motor vehicle engine

5. Where the air starting system is used?
    (A) Cars
    (B) Bikes
    (C) Trucks
    (D) Marine

6. Which automotive engine is cranked through hydraulic system?
    (A) Trains
    (B) Busses
    (C) Marines
    (D) Air crafts

7. Which is the fuel system adopted in the modern marine engines?
    (A) CRDI
    (B) In-line pump
    (C) Rotary pump
    (D) Reciprocating pump

8. Which automotive engine in propelling by auxiliary engine?
    (A) Trucks
    (B) Marines
    (C) Sports cars
    (D) Stationary engine

9. Which device used to increase the torque?
    (A) Clutch
    (B) Engine
    (C) Flywheel
    (D) Gear reduction drive

10. Which system an accumulator is used?
    (A) Cooling system
    (B) Starting system
    (C) Electrical system
    (D) Hydraulic system

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