Masonry Civil Draughtsman Multiple Choice Mock Test online - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Masonry Civil Draughtsman Multiple Choice Mock Test online - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the artificial seasoning while timber immersed in a solution of suitable salt?
    (A) Chemical seasoning
    (B) Electrical seasoning
    (C) Water seasoning
    (D) Kiln seasoning

2. Which masonry has provision for clamps or dowels between facing and backing of wall?
    (A) Stone masonry
    (B) Brick masonry
    (C) Brick masonry in mud mortar
    (D) Composite masonry

3. What is the name of tool used for setting `angle in brick masonry?
    (A) Bevel
    (B) Plumb rule
    (C) Masons square
    (D) 1 meter 'U' folded rule

4. What is the use of thin sheets of wood varies from 0.4 mm to 6 mm thickness?
    (A) Plywood
    (B) Fibre board
    (C) Laminated board
    (D) Veneers

5. Which masonry has regular stones of square or rectangular shape with accurate bed joints?
    (A) Coursed R.B
    (B) Uncoursed Rubble masonry
    (C) Ashlar fine masonry
    (D) Flint rubble masonry

6. Which surfaces are recommended with cement paint, emulsion paint, oil paint and silver rate paint?
    (A) Iron surface
    (B) Plastered surface
    (C) Wood surface
    (D) Metal surface

7. What for the corrugated sheet form of steel in mostly used?
    (A) Structural work
    (B) Roof covering
    (C) Grillwork
    (D) Reinforce cement concrete

8. What is the process of removing moisture present in freshly felled timber?
    (A) Hardening
    (B) Stiffing
    (C) Sapping
    (D) Seasoning

9. Which bond consists of alternate courses of headers and stretchers?
    (A) Monk bond
    (B) Racking bond
    (C) Dutch bond
    (D) Facing bond

10. What is the term used for the pores on the surface are filled up with boiled linseed oil?
    (A) Grining
    (B) Stopping
    (C) Knotting
    (D) Sagging

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