Masonry - Draughtsman Civil Objective Questions (MCQ) Quiz - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Masonry - Draughtsman Civil Objective Questions (MCQ) Quiz - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is the market form of timber with parallel sides having thickness less than 50 mm and its width exceed 50 mm?
    (A) Plank
    (B) Pole
    (C) Deal
    (D) Bulk

2. Which is the smaller timber block up to 25mm width used for construction of bus bodies and marines?
    (A) Laminated board
    (B) Fibre board
    (C) Plywood
    (D) Block board

3. Which metal has content of aluminium alloy 94% copper 4%?
    (A) Brass
    (B) Bronze
    (C) Dow bell
    (D) Duralumin

4. Which stone joint is used for coping?
    (A) Tabled joint
    (B) Plugged joint
    (C) Joggled joint
    (D) Cramped joint

5. What is the form of connection in brick work if the enclosed angle on the side of the wall should be between 90° to 180°?
    (A) Squint quoin
    (B) Acute squint quoin
    (C) Right led
    (D) Obtuse squint quoin

6. Which type of paint is applied for iron work under water?
    (A) Asbestos paint
    (B) Cellulose paint
    (C) Aluminium paint
    (D) Bituminous paint

7. What is the term used for covering or killings of all knots in wood surface by red lead?
    (A) Finishing
    (B) Knotting
    (C) Stopping
    (D) Cleaning

8. What is the process of surface smoothened by rubbing with sand paper or pumice stone for varnishing?
    (A) Application of surface
    (B) Preparation of surface
    (C) Cleaning of surface
    (D) Finishing of surface

9. Which stone joint is used in arch work?
    (A) Butt joint
    (B) Table joint
    (C) Rebated joint
    (D) Joggled joint

10. Which metal consists of copper and tin?
    (A) Bronze
    (B) Brass
    (C) Dow metal
    (D) Nickel silver

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