Materials used for R.C.C and Tests MCQ online Practice - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Materials used for R.C.C and Tests MCQ online Practice - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which RCC member, bridges two or more walls or columns and supports the structural member coming over it?
    (A) Beam
    (B) Column
    (C) Footing
    (D) Slab

2. Which slab is supported on all four edges and the ratio of long span to short span is not more than two?
    (A) One way slab
    (B) Two way slab
    (C) Continuous slab
    (D) Cantilever slab

3. Which of the following option is taken, if the phone line system will be jammed after earth quake?
    (A) Text messages
    (B) Call loudly
    (C) Call through phone
    (D) Whats app call

4. Which reinforcement strength is preferred in R.C.C?
    (A) Low tensile strength
    (B) High tensile strength
    (C) Bond strength
    (D) Compressive strength

5. What is the compressive strength of 150 mm cube at 28 days ordinary concrete of grade M20?
    (A) 15 N/mm2
    (B) 20 N/mm2
    (C) 25 N/mm2
    (D) 30 N/mm2

6. Which structure is constructed for the purpose of retaining earth or other materials like coal, ore, water etc.?
    (A) Load bearing wall
    (B) Non load bearing wall
    (C) Retaining wall
    (D) Wing wall

7. Which type of mixer used for large quantity of concrete?
    (A) Hand mixing
    (B) Batch mixing
    (C) Tilting drum mixers
    (D) Continuous mixer

8. Which condition the cracking occurs in concrete?
    (A) Chilling
    (B) Windy
    (C) Humidity
    (D) Milder climate

9. What is the permissible stress for grade Fe 500?
    (A) 0.33 fy
    (B) 0.44 fy
    (C) 0.55 fy
    (D) 0.66 fy

10. Which of the following method is used for super structure component?
    (A) Volumetric or modular construction
    (B) Brick slip
    (C) Rain screen
    (D) Render system

11. What is the percentage reduction of strength for the 6 month old cement?
    (A) 0.2
    (B) 0.3
    (C) 0.4
    (D) 0.5

12. Which reinforcement is used for work of large dimensions, like massive foundation etc.?
    (A) Rolled steel beams
    (B) Fabric made by welding
    (C) Square mesh
    (D) Square bars

13. What is the maximum diameter of reinforcing bars to the total thickness of slab?
    (A) 1/5
    (B) 1/7
    (C) 1/8
    (D) 1/10

14. Which type of cement available in three grades should be used for house construction?
    (A) Ordinary Portland cement
    (B) Rapid hardening Portland cement
    (C) Portland slag cement
    (D) High strength ordinary Portland cement

15. Which diameter of reinforcement bars are used for heavy foundations, large girders or counter forts?
    (A) 20 mm
    (B) 25 mm
    (C) 32 mm
    (D) 40 mm

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