MCQ on Fuel Supply System of Diesel Engine - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ on Fuel Supply System of Diesel Engine - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Where is the pressure discharge valve fitted in CRDI fuel system?
    (A) Common rail
    (B) Fuel pump
    (C) Injectors
    (D) Fuel filter

2. Which fuel pipe line is provided between fuel filter and injectors?
    (A) Suction pipe
    (B) Pressure pipe
    (C) Vacuum pipe
    (D) Over flow pipe

3. Which electronic device controls the engine system?
    (A) Regulator
    (B) ECM
    (C) Fuse
    (D) Switch

4. What is the purpose of glow plug in pre-combustion chamber in diesel engine?
    (A) Completing combustion
    (B) Delaying combustion
    (C) Advance combustion
    (D) Initiating combustion

5. How much time taken to give signals to ECM after ignition switch on?
    (A) One second
    (B) Two seconds
    (C) Three seconds
    (D) Four seconds

6. How the CRDI injector’s pressure control valve operated?
    (A) Mechanically
    (B) Electronically
    (C) Manually
    (D) Hydraulic

7. What is the expansion of HEUI?
    (A) Hydraulically actuated electronically controlled unit injector
    (B) Hydraulically actuated electrically controlled unit injector
    (C) Hydro-electric controlled unit injector
    (D) Hydraulic effective controlled unit injector

8. Why fuel filter is essential in diesel engine?
    (A) Increase the power
    (B) Prevent dirty smoke
    (C) Easy starting
    (D) Mirror polishing finish in nozzle and FIP

9. Why an auxiliary spray hole provided in the pintaux nozzle?
    (A) To assist easy starting under cold condition
    (B) To assist stop under cold condition
    (C) To provide rich fuel under cold condition
    (D) To provide very less fuel supply

10. Which electronic unit gives signal to operate IAC valve?
    (A) ECM
    (B) EDU
    (C) Solenoid
    (D) SCV

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