Measuring and Marking Tools Objective Questions (MCQ) with Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Measuring and Marking Tools Objective Questions (MCQ) with Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the Purpose of chisel?
    (A) Grinding
    (B) Machining
    (C) Reaming
    (D) Chipping

2. Which condition the tyre pressure not to be checked?
    (A) Tyre is cold
    (B) Tyre is carrying load
    (C) Before start of journey
    (D) Tyre is hot after long run

3. What is the point angle of centre punch?
    (A) 30°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 90°

4. Which measuring instrument used to measuring inside, outside and depth of work piece?
    (A) Steel rule
    (B) Micrometer
    (C) Dial caliper
    (D) Vernier caliper

5. Which chisel is used to remove metal from large flat surface?
    (A) Flat chisel
    (B) Cross cut chisel
    (C) Half round nose chisel
    (D) Diamond point chisel

6. Which part ensures uniform pressure on the measuring faces in the outside micrometer?
    (A) Barrel
    (B) Spindle
    (C) Thimble
    (D) Ratchet stop

7. Which instrument is used to check the end-play of crank shaft?
    (A) Dial test indicator
    (B) Telescopic gauge
    (C) Bore dial gauge
    (D) Slip gauge

8. Which marking device used to scribe circle?
    (A) Jenny caliper
    (B) Inside caliper
    (C) Spring divider
    (D) Outside caliper

9. What is the smallest possible measurement that can be taken with the depth micrometer?
    (A) 0.01 mm
    (B) 0.02 mm
    (C) 0.001 mm
    (D) 0.002 mm

10. What is the purpose of the eye hole in a hammer?
    (A) Strike the job
    (B) Fix the handle
    (C) Reduce the weight
    (D) Stamp the details

11. Which is the fixed measuring face of micrometer?
    (A) Anvil
    (B) Barrel
    (C) Spindle
    (D) Thimble

12. Which part actuates the movement of the dial for reading measurement of dial bore gauge?
    (A) Stem
    (B) Plunger
    (C) Fixed anvil
    (D) Centring shoe

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