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Mechanical Draughtsman Safety MCQ Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. PPE stands for?
    (A) Power productive equipments
    (B) Personal Protective Equipments
    (C) Personal productive engines
    (D) Poor productive equipments

2. Which fire extinguisher is suitable for the line electrical fire?
    (A) Halon
    (B) Water
    (C) Foam
    (D) Liquefied chemical

3. What is the first step of avoiding accident in work place?
    (A) Doing thing in one's own way
    (B) By observing safety precautions
    (C) Doing things with a highly skilled working practice
    (D) By wearing safety equipment

4. How to stop bleeding in injured person?
    (A) Apply ointment
    (B) Apply pressure over the wound
    (C) Tie bandage
    (D) Apply tincture over the wound

5. State the key action involved stopping any bleeding?
    (A) Cooling injured part
    (B) Cleaning injured part
    (C) Pressure over injured part
    (D) Elevate injured part

6. What is the benefit of 5S system?
    (A) Increase in manpower
    (B) Increase in economy
    (C) Increase in productivity
    (D) Reduction in pollution

7. What is the color code for metal waste bin?
    (A) Blue
    (B) Red
    (C) Yellow
    (D) Green

8. What is the class of fire caused by fire wood, paper cloth?
    (A) Class 'B' fire
    (B) Class 'C' fire
    (C) Class 'A' fire
    (D) Class 'D' fire

9. What is the problem of solid waste disposal can be reduced through?
    (A) Recycling
    (B) Lesser pollution
    (C) More timber
    (D) Population control

10. Which are mechanical occupational hazards?
    (A) Toxic
    (B) Unskilled
    (C) Unguarded machinery
    (D) Noise

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