Milling, Cutters, Gear and Cams Objective Type Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Milling, Cutters, Gear and Cams Objective Type Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Calculate the dedendum of bevel gear if module is 3 mm.
    (A) 6.75 mm
    (B) 6 mm
    (C) 3 mm
    (D) 3.75 mm

2. Which gear is classified according to the tooth surface and use?
    (A) Spur
    (B) Helical
    (C) Worm
    (D) Bevel

3. What is the indexing ratio of dividing head used in milling machine?
    (A) 1:40
    (B) 40:1
    (C) 80:1
    (D) 1:8

4. Which type of follower not often used in cam drive?
    (A) Roller
    (B) Knife edge
    (C) Mushroom
    (D) Flat faced

5. Which gear has the advantage of smooth operation high speed range and more torque transmission?
    (A) Hypoid gear
    (B) Straight tooth bevel gear
    (C) Spiral bevel gear
    (D) Screw bevel gear

6. Which machine is used to cut helical groove on a workpiece?
    (A) Vertical milling
    (B) Horizontal milling
    (C) Turret head milling
    (D) Universal milling

7. Which type of gear the teeth are cut on conical surface of the job?
    (A) Spur gear
    (B) Helical gear
    (C) Worm wheel
    (D) Bevel gear

8. Which type of bevel gear is used to connect shafts that are at an angle but not intersecting?
    (A) Spiral bevel
    (B) Hypoid gears
    (C) Straight bevel gear
    (D) Miter gear

9. Which type of bevel gear used in machines to transmit power to 90°?
    (A) Spur
    (B) Straight tooth bevel gear
    (C) Hypoid gear
    (D) Helical

10. Which is used to impart a reciprocating motion to the followers in a machine?
    (A) Gear
    (B) Shaft
    (C) Cam
    (D) Clutch

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