Milling operations and Measuring Objective Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Milling operations and Measuring Objective Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the pitch of spindle screw in depth micrometer?
    (A) 0.5 mm
    (B) 0.001 mm
    (C) 0.01 mm
    (D) 0.05 mm

2. What is the use of telescopic gauge?
    (A) To measure depth of holes
    (B) To measure slot depth
    (C) To measure size of hole slots and recesses
    (D) To measure counter bore depth

3. What is the use of depth micrometer?
    (A) Check the width of slots
    (B) Check the depth of blind holes
    (C) Check the dia of holes
    (D) Check the diameter of thin rods

4. What is the definition of 'GD and T'?
    (A) Geometrical Deviations and Tolerances
    (B) Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerances
    (C) Geometrical Drawing and Techniques
    (D) Geometrical Drawing and Tolerances

5. Which type of micrometer designed to measurement of longer internal length?
    (A) External micrometer
    (B) Outside micrometer
    (C) Inside micrometer
    (D) Stick micrometer

6. Which type of milling machine is used for spot facing?
    (A) Horizontal milling machine
    (B) Vertical milling machine
    (C) Pantograph milling machine
    (D) Planetary milling machine

7. How to set the zero before taking the measurement in micrometer?
    (A) Use micrometer
    (B) Use Vernier micrometer
    (C) Setting rings and Slip gauge
    (D) Angle gauges

8. How much depth cut is applied to finish cut in slot milling?
    (A) 0.4 to 0.5 mm
    (B) 0.6 to 0.8 mm
    (C) 0.5 to 1.0 mm
    (D) 0.5 to 0.75 mm

9. Which letter used for represent for datum for indicating geometrical tolerance?
    (A) G
    (B) M
    (C) B
    (D) A

10. What is pitch of M12 tap?
    (A) 1.50 mm
    (B) 1.75 mm
    (C) 1.25 mm
    (D) 1.00 mm

11. Which type of group the squareness comes under in geometrical tolerance?
    (A) Location
    (B) Form
    (C) Datum line
    (D) Attitude

12. What are the sizes available in telescopic gauges as per mitutoyo series 155?
    (A) 12 mm to 130 mm
    (B) 20 mm to 175 mm
    (C) 5 mm to 120 mm
    (D) 8 mm to 150 mm

13. What types of gear are in automotive differential gear boxes?
    (A) Worm and Worm gear
    (B) Rack and Pinion gear
    (C) Hypoid gear
    (D) Angular gear

14. Which type of micrometer does not require zero error correction?
    (A) Tube micrometer
    (B) Ball micrometer
    (C) Stick micrometer
    (D) Digital micrometer

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