Mock Test on Garment Finishing Work - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Mock Test on Garment Finishing Work - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. When the fold is very narrow, they are called as which tucks?
    (A) Shell tucks
    (B) Blind tucks
    (C) Corded tucks
    (D) Pin tucks

2. Which is the type of casing?
    (A) Fold up
    (B) Fold down
    (C) Fold inside
    (D) Fold outside

3. What is a method of joining two or move pieces of fabric by a row stitches called?
    (A) Seaming
    (B) Cutting
    (C) Pressing
    (D) Trimming

4. Where the slash pocket is mostly placed?
    (A) Above waist line
    (B) Below waist line
    (C) Chest line
    (D) Hip line

5. Which finishing is easy for tailor's to complete round neck?
    (A) Binding
    (B) Bias facing
    (C) Piping
    (D) Over lock

6. Which dart is wide at one end pointed at the other shape in triangular?
    (A) Full dart
    (B) Half dart
    (C) Contour dart
    (D) Slashed dart (Double point)

7. Which corner is done in handkerchiefs?
    (A) Mitring with flat type
    (B) Overlapping corners
    (C) Mitring with banding
    (D) Mitring with bias facing

8. Which name of the pleats made by two singles in opposite direction?
    (A) Knife pleats
    (B) Simple pleats
    (C) Box pleats
    (D) Reverse pleats

9. Which is applied on a curved edge and done with the help of a strip?
    (A) Lining
    (B) Bias facing
    (C) Inter lining
    (D) Under facing

10. Which corners is mainly used for square or V shape neck line finishing?
    (A) Mitring with banding
    (B) Mitring with bias facing
    (C) Mitring with flat tape
    (D) Mitring with ribbon

11. Which side turned up hem allowance is folded?
    (A) Length of fabric
    (B) Finishing of fabrics
    (C) Inside the garment
    (D) Trimming fabric

12. Which type of zipper placket is used in hooded jacket?
    (A) Invisible
    (B) Open end
    (C) Lapped
    (D) Fly front

13. Which is referred to round, square and v -shapes designs?
    (A) Hem designs
    (B) Arm hole designs
    (C) Neck designs
    (D) Yoke designs

14. How many methods of shirring are used on garments?
    (A) One method
    (B) Two methods
    (C) Limited method
    (D) Popular method

15. What is the advantage of mitering with banding corner?
    (A) Material size increase
    (B) Material size decrease
    (C) Material size remain same
    (D) Material size shrinks

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