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Multiple Choice Mock Test on Worms and Keys

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is Lead of worm ‘d’ in worm calculations?
    (A) Lead of worm
    (B) Lead angle of worm
    (C) Length of worm
    (D) Tooth thickness

2. Which surface of a worm gear is termed as throat?
    (A) Cylindrical
    (B) Flat
    (C) Concave
    (D) Convex

3. Which is used to measure chordal thickness of the gear teeth?
    (A) Outside micrometer
    (B) Inside micrometer
    (C) Depth micrometer
    (D) Flange micrometer

4. What is the use of splines on a shaft?
    (A) To slide along longitudinally
    (B) Change the direction of rotation
    (C) As idler
    (D) Spline hub fixed stationary

5. Which gear drive is used to connect ‘two non-parallel, not intersecting shafts’ right angles to each other?
    (A) Helical
    (B) Bevel
    (C) Spur
    (D) Worm and worm wheel

6. What is ‘Normal pitch’ in worm wheel?
    (A) Axial pitch × sine of helix angle
    (B) Axial pitch × cosine of helix angle
    (C) Axial pitch × tan of helix angle
    (D) Axial pitch × cosec of helix angle

7. Which method is suitable for worm wheel machining?
    (A) Shaping
    (B) Hobbing
    (C) Grinding
    (D) Turning

8. What is 6 in spline designation ‘6 × 28 × 34’, IS: 2327?
    (A) Inner diameter
    (B) Number of keys
    (C) Outer diameter
    (D) Diametral pitch

9. What is the formula to calculate outside diameter of worm wheel?
    (A) Throat radius - module
    (B) Throat radius + module
    (C) Throat diameter + module
    (D) Throat diameter - module

10. Calculate the pitch diameter of worm wheel having module 2 mm and number of teeth is 40.
    (A) 20
    (B) 80
    (C) 40
    (D) 160

11. Calculate the ‘Lead of worm’ its module is 2 mm and single start.
    (A) 6.28
    (B) 2
    (C) 3.14
    (D) 1

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