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Multiple Choice Questions on Cyber and Data Security

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. In cryptography, the order of the letters in a message is rearranged by __________
    (A) Transpositional ciphers
    (B) Substitution ciphers
    (C) Both transpositional ciphers and substitution ciphers
    (D) Quadratic ciphers

2. _______ means the protection of data from modification by unknown users.
    (A) Confidentiality
    (B) Integrity
    (C) Authentication
    (D) Non-repudiation

3. _______ of information means, only authorized users are capable of accessing the information.
    (A) Confidentiality
    (B) Integrity
    (C) Non-repudiation
    (D) Availability

4. Which method of hacking will record all your keystrokes?
    (A) Keyhijacking
    (B) Keyjacking
    (C) Keylogging
    (D) Keyboard monitoring

5. DES follows
    (A) Hash Algorithm
    (B) Caesars Cipher
    (C) Feistel Cipher Structure
    (D) SP Networks

6. Which of the following is not a block cipher operating mode?
    (A) ECB
    (B) CFB
    (C) CBF
    (D) CBC

7. The DES algorithm has a key length of
    (A) 128 Bits
    (B) 32 Bits
    (C) 64 Bits
    (D) 16 Bits

8. Why these 4 elements (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity & availability) are considered fundamental?
    (A) They help understanding hacking better
    (B) They are key elements to a security breach
    (C) They help understands security and its components better
    (D) They help to understand the cyber-crime better

9. Which of the following is not a type of poly alphabetic cipher?
    (A) Auto key cipher
    (B) Hill cipher
    (C) Playfair cipher
    (D) Additive cipher

10. Which of the following hacking tools and techniques hackers’ do not use for maintaining access in a system?
    (A) Rootkits
    (B) Backdoors
    (C) Trojans
    (D) Wireshark

11. How many rounds does the AES-192 perform?
    (A) 10
    (B) 12
    (C) 14
    (D) 16

12. Which activities endanger the sovereignty and integrity of nation?
    (A) Cyber Terrorism
    (B) Cyber vandalism
    (C) Cyber squatting
    (D) Carding

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