Networking and Internet Concepts Multiple Choice Tests - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Networking and Internet Concepts Multiple Choice Tests - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which layers of OSI model is the router operates?
    (A) Layer 2
    (B) Layer 3
    (C) Layer 6
    (D) Layer 7

2. Which type of cable is used in 10 base-FL cable standard?
    (A) UTP
    (B) STP
    (C) Co-axial
    (D) Fibre optic

3. Which layer is the layer 2 in OSI network model?
    (A) Session layer
    (B) Physical layer
    (C) Data link layer
    (D) Transport layer

4. What is the full form of EFT?
    (A) Electronic Form Transfer
    (B) Electronic Fund Transfer
    (C) Electronic Field Transfer
    (D) Electronic Format Transfer

5. How many pairs of wires are there in category 1 UTP cables?
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 3
    (D) 4

6. Which is an example for WAN?
    (A) Ethernet
    (B) Home network
    (C) Campus network
    (D) Bluetooth network

7. What is called the interconnected computer systems located at different places?
    (A) Internet
    (B) Computer layout
    (C) Computer network
    (D) Connectivity of computer

8. What is the maximum speed supported by category 5 UTP cable?
    (A) 1 mbps
    (B) 10 mbps
    (C) 100 mbps
    (D) 1000 mbps

9. Which device modulates analog signal to encode digital information and demodulates carrier signal to decode the transmitted information over the telephone network?
    (A) Hub
    (B) Bridge
    (C) Switch
    (D) MODEM

10. What is the full form of TCP?
    (A) Test Control Protocol
    (B) Transfer Control Protocol
    (C) Transport Control Protocol
    (D) Transmission Control Protocol

11. Which is the standard connector for category-5, unshielded twisted pair cabling?
    (A) RJ11
    (B) RJ14
    (C) RJ25
    (D) RJ45

12. Which layer of OSI network model does repeater works?
    (A) Layer 1
    (B) Layer 2
    (C) Layer 3
    (D) Layer 4

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