Objective Questions and Answers on VMC Various Cycles - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Objective Questions and Answers on VMC Various Cycles - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is CRC?
    (A) Cutter Diameter Compensation
    (B) Cutter Length Compensation
    (C) Cutter Radius Compensation
    (D) Cutter Wear Compensation

2. What is perpendicular distance between original and final surface of the work piece?
    (A) Feed
    (B) Cutting speed
    (C) Depth of cut
    (D) rpm

3. What is used to produce identical parts in VMC?
    (A) Main program
    (B) Sub program
    (C) Canned cycle
    (D) Roughing cycle

4. Which code makes the compensated path to the right side of programmed path?
    (A) G40
    (B) G41
    (C) G42
    (D) G43

5. What is pressed to stop all motions of machines immediately?
    (A) Close feed rate knob
    (B) Emergency stop
    (C) Close speed knob
    (D) Main OFF

6. What is pressed to restart the machine from power shutdown?
    (A) CNC ON
    (B) CNC OFF
    (C) Auto cycle
    (D) Zero return

7. What indicates number of repetitions in sub program?
    (A) L
    (B) X
    (C) P
    (D) %

8. What is wear offset?
    (A) Tool length setting
    (B) Geometry setting
    (C) Tool wear adjustments
    (D) Work offset setting

9. What is ‘F’ in G84 X_Y_Z_R_F_?
    (A) Hole position
    (B) Cutting feed rate
    (C) Hole depth
    (D) Position of R-plane

10. Where is tool reference point lies in the cutter in VMC?
    (A) Outer
    (B) Inner
    (C) Center
    (D) Bottom

11. What is expressed as?
    (A) Cutting speed
    (B) Feed
    (C) Depth of cut
    (D) Cycle time

12. What is ‘z’ in G81 X-Y-Z-R-K-F-?
    (A) Hole position
    (B) Hole depth
    (C) Feed
    (D) Number of repeats

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