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Objective Questions on Reinforced Cement Concrete - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the maximum absorption limit for coarse aggregate under water for 24 hours?
    (A) 0.03
    (B) 0.05
    (C) 0.07
    (D) 0.09

2. Which type of beam has more than two supports?
    (A) Cantilever beam
    (B) Overhanging beam
    (C) Fixed beam
    (D) Continuous beam

3. Which is the disadvantage of reinforced concrete?
    (A) Light weight
    (B) Low shrinkage
    (C) Low strength
    (D) Low maintenance cost

4. Which part of building, the clear cover 25 mm or dia of bar whichever is more is used?
    (A) Beam
    (B) Column
    (C) Slab
    (D) Foundation

5. Which point of Contraflexure occurs in the section?
    (A) Bending moment is maximum
    (B) Bending moment is zero or sign changes
    (C) Shear force is maximum
    (D) Shear force is minimum

6. Which material is strong in tensile strength?
    (A) Cement
    (B) Sand
    (C) Steel
    (D) Water

7. How many days the R.B slab is kept wet?
    (A) Two to four weeks
    (B) One to two weeks
    (C) One week
    (D) 3 days

8. Which of following is the advantage of reinforced concrete?
    (A) Low maintenance cost
    (B) Low compressive strength
    (C) Low yield strength
    (D) Low shear strength

9. What is the initial cost of timber formwork compared to steel formwork?
    (A) Costly
    (B) Moderately
    (C) Cheap
    (D) Very low

10. What is the maximum size of particle in fine aggregate?
    (A) 2.75 mm
    (B) 3.75 mm
    (C) 4.75 mm
    (D) 5.75 mm

11. What is the distance between two yokes in column formwork?
    (A) 0.50 m
    (B) 1.00 m
    (C) 1.50 m
    (D) 2.00 m

12. What is the grade of concrete for the concrete mix proportion is 1:1.5:3?
    (A) M 10
    (B) M 15
    (C) M 20
    (D) M 25

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