Objective Questions Substructure and Temporary Structure - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Objective Questions Substructure and Temporary Structure - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is the name of member that supports the boards in the centering of arches?
    (A) Turning piece
    (B) Props
    (C) Ribs
    (D) Laggings

2. What is the minimum period for the removal of props to beams and arches for a span of 6m in centering / form work?
    (A) 10 Days
    (B) 14 Days
    (C) 17 Days
    (D) 20 Days

3. How to rectify if settlement of existing foundation has taken place?
    (A) By timbering
    (B) Under pinning
    (C) Single scaffolding
    (D) Independent scaffolding

4. What is the formula to find safe bearing capacity of soil?
    (A) Ultimate bearing capacity / Factor of safety
    (B) F.O.S / U.B.C
    (C) (UBC/FOS)2
    (D) (FOS/UBC)2

5. What is known as a structure that is sunk through water / ground to exclude water during the process of excavation of foundation?
    (A) Cofferdam
    (B) Under reamed pile foundation
    (C) Caisson
    (D) Strip / Pad foundation

6. Which method of shut piles are driven in the ground and therefore the bearing B.C of soil is increased?
    (A) Drainage of soil method
    (B) Continuing soil method
    (C) Compacting soil method
    (D) Grouting soil method

7. What is the recommended super imposed load in Kg/m2 for work house and book stalls?
    (A) 800
    (B) 900
    (C) 1000
    (D) 1200

8. Which pile provide secure against the horizontal pull from sheet piling?
    (A) Friction pile
    (B) Tension pile
    (C) End bearing pile
    (D) Anchor pile

9. What is the footing for heavy loaded column that require greater spread?
    (A) Wall footing
    (B) Sloped footing
    (C) Spread footing
    (D) Stepped footing

10. Which soil observation method belongs to Electrical resistivity?
    (A) Deep boring
    (B) Wash boring
    (C) Geophysical
    (D) Sub surface sounding

11. Which type of foundation footings rectangular / trapezoidal in plan?
    (A) Strap footing foundation
    (B) Slopped footing foundation
    (C) Combined footing foundation
    (D) Wall footing foundation

12. What is the term that the horizontal members are parallel to the wall in scaffolding?
    (A) Putlog
    (B) Ledgers
    (C) Transom
    (D) Guard rail

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