Objective Type Questions on Diesel Engine Components - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Objective Type Questions on Diesel Engine Components - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which tool is required to remove the valves?
    (A) Torque wrench
    (B) Valve spring lifter
    (C) Box spanner
    (D) Scraper

2. Which valve allows one direction flow only?
    (A) Poppet valve
    (B) Rotary valve
    (C) Reed valve
    (D) Sleeve valve

3. What is the cause for double knock in the piston?
    (A) Piston worn out
    (B) Piston ring worn out
    (C) Piston pin and boss worn out
    (D) Liner worn out

4. What is the load taken by taper roller bearing?
    (A) Radial load
    (B) Axial load
    (C) Thrust load
    (D) Radial and axial load

5. Which is joining piston and connecting rod?
    (A) Gudgeon pin
    (B) Rocker arm
    (C) Cam shaft
    (D) King pin

6. What is the material of cylinder block?
    (A) Cast iron
    (B) Bronze
    (C) Brass
    (D) Zinc alloy

7. What is the measuring instrument used to find the diameter of piston
    (A) Inside micrometer
    (B) Depth micrometer
    (C) Outside micrometer
    (D) Three point internal micrometer

8. Which is the bearing used in differential and wheel of a heavy vehicle?
    (A) Ball bearing
    (B) Roller bearing
    (C) Needle bearing
    (D) Taper roller bearing

9. What is the term used to refer when a valve closes after BDC?
    (A) Lead
    (B) Advance
    (C) Lag
    (D) Over lap

10. When it is required to coincide the mark with timing gears?
    (A) During assembling water pump
    (B) During assembling oil pump
    (C) During assembling cam shaft
    (D) During assembling radiator

11. What is the name the portion below the piston boss?
    (A) Land of the piston
    (B) Ring section of the piston
    (C) Crown of the piston
    (D) Skirt of the piston

12. Where the compression ring is fitted in the piston?
    (A) Above the oil ring in piston
    (B) Bottom of the piston skirt
    (C) Piston between oil ring and piston pin
    (D) Connecting rod between piston pin and bottom of skirt

13. Which gauge used to measure the cylinder bore wearness?
    (A) Compression gauge
    (B) Vacuum gauge
    (C) Dial gauge
    (D) Depth gauge

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