Planer ITI Machinist MCQ Mock Test with Answers - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Planer ITI Machinist MCQ Mock Test with Answers - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. You have to machine a flat surface on a workpiece of two meter length. Which machine will you choose for this purpose?
    (A) Planing
    (B) Slotting
    (C) Milling
    (D) Shaping

2. Which one of the following driving mechanisms is used to give reciprocating movement to the table of planer with fluid pressure?
    (A) Open belt drive
    (B) Cross belt drive
    (C) Hydraulic drive
    (D) Reversible motor drive

3. Feed for planning operation is:
    (A) The rate of movement of tool per stroke
    (B) The width of chip that comes out per stroke
    (C) The length of chip that comes out per stroke
    (D) The weight of chip that comes out per stroke

4. Reciprocating movement of the table in a planer is obtained by:
    (A) Loose and fast pulley
    (B) Worm and worm wheel
    (C) Rack and gear
    (D) Cam drive

5. Which one of the following statements is not correct?
    (A) The function of the shifter lever of a planer is to change the direction of table movement
    (B) The planer tool cuts only on forward stroke
    (C) The position of the planer table can be changed by changing the position of trip dogs
    (D) In an open and cross belt drive of planer, the cross belt drive has smaller driver and larger driven pulley to have slower motion

6. Which one of the following work holding devices is used on a planer for cutting grooves on the cylindrical job?
    (A) Angle plate
    (B) Strap clamp
    (C) Planing centre
    (D) Planing jack

7. While planing a workpiece the feed is provided intermittently at the:
    (A) Return stroke
    (B) Forward stroke
    (C) Middle of forward stroke
    (D) Middle of return stroke

8. Which among the following statements is NOT correct?
    (A) Planer is used to produce a number of components at a time in mass production
    (B) Cross rail can be moved up and down on the housing in the planer
    (C) The table of planer reciprocates under or between the cutting tools
    (D) The purpose of saddle is to support the workpiece while performing operation on planer

9. Quick return mechanism is provided in a planer to:
    (A) Increase the operation time
    (B) Decrease the operation time
    (C) Give smooth finish
    (D) Run the machine smoothly

10. In a planing machine the depth of cut is given by:
    (A) Adjusting tool slide
    (B) Rotating the feed screw of the tool holder
    (C) Moving cross slide
    (D) Lifting the workpiece

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