Planning of Building - Factors Affecting Planning of Building MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Planning of Building - Factors Affecting Planning of Building MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which of the following room in residential building need more air changes per hour, while comparing to bed room in residential building?
    (A) Drawing room
    (B) Master bed room
    (C) Kitchen
    (D) Hall

2. Who is having legal interest in land or building?
    (A) Leaser
    (B) Mortgagee
    (C) Mortgageer
    (D) Owner

3. What is the name of the built up area at the floor level?
    (A) Plinth
    (B) Plinth area
    (C) Plinth height
    (D) Plinth level

4. What is the name of horizontally sliced building viewed from top?
    (A) Plan
    (B) Section
    (C) Elevation
    (D) Sectional elevation

5. If the area of the building is same, which of the following building is cheaper compared to single storey?
    (A) 2 storey building
    (B) 3 storey building
    (C) 4 storey building
    (D) 5 storey building

6. What is the formula for floor area ratio?
    (A) (Total area of walls / Total plot area) × 100
    (B) (Total area of all floors / Total area of walls) × 100
    (C) (Total area of all floors / Total plot area) × 100
    (D) (Total plot area / Total area of all floors) × 100

7. Which of the following is used as escape elements in building for fire safety?
    (A) Lobbies
    (B) Strong room
    (C) Floors
    (D) Outer walls

8. Which of the following standard should considered in planning?
    (A) IS codes for planning
    (B) ISI
    (C) NBC 2005
    (D) Local building - Bye laws

9. Which room should be situated near kitchen and drawing?
    (A) Bed room
    (B) Living room
    (C) Dining room
    (D) Hall

10. What is the another name for 'Sub-divisional plan'?
    (A) Key plan
    (B) Layout plan
    (C) Sanctioned plan
    (D) Approved plan

11. What is the minimum scale at which a building plan need to be drawn according to NBC 2005?
    (A) 1:50
    (B) 1:100
    (C) 1:200
    (D) 1:400

12. How the economy achieved in building?
    (A) Providing simple elevation
    (B) Increasing the storey height
    (C) Increasing steps of stairs
    (D) Utilizing large sized component

13. Which of the following IS code in used for fire safety?
    (A) IS 1641 - 1960
    (B) IS 456 - 200
    (C) IS 291 - 1972
    (D) IS 10711 - 1984

14. Which plan is approved and sanctioned by competent authority?
    (A) Approved plan
    (B) Sanctioned plan
    (C) Key plan
    (D) Site plan

15. What is the maximum covered area for an Industry?
    (A) 40% of the site area
    (B) 50% of the site area
    (C) 60% of the site area
    (D) 70% of the site area

16. What should be the distance between building electric supply mains?
    (A) 1.0 - 1.8 m
    (B) 1.0 - 2.0 m
    (C) 1.2 - 2.0 m
    (D) 1.5 - 2.0 m

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