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Press Tools - Details and Assembled Drawing MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. For what type of metal punching, spring strippers are used?
    (A) Very thin
    (B) Very hard
    (C) Very thick
    (D) Very strong

2. The height from the top of the bed to the bottom of the press ram is called?
    (A) Die height
    (B) Maximum height
    (C) Shut height
    (D) Center height

3. Which of the following holds the punch in position?
    (A) Bolster plate
    (B) Punch holder
    (C) Lower shoe
    (D) Lipper shoe

4. Which die is used for more than one cutting operation per stroke?
    (A) Blanking die
    (B) Piercing die
    (C) Compound die
    (D) Progressive die

5. Which die is mostly used to produce the washer?
    (A) Blanking die
    (B) Piercing die
    (C) Progressive die
    (D) Compound die

6. In which die, cutting and non cutting operations are performed per stroke?
    (A) Combination die
    (B) Bending die
    (C) Forming die
    (D) Progressive die

7. What is the name of pin provided for locating work in subsequent operation from the previously pierced hole?
    (A) Back gauge
    (B) Depth gauge
    (C) Die gauge
    (D) Pilot

8. By which operation a cup is formed from a flat blank?
    (A) Trimming
    (B) Drawing
    (C) Forming
    (D) Bending

9. When a sectional die block is used?
    (A) Die cavity is medium
    (B) Die cavity is too large
    (C) Die block is too small
    (D) Die block is too large

10. What is the name of operation for making hole in a work piece with the help of die?
    (A) Trimming
    (B) Piercing
    (C) Drilling
    (D) Boring

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