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Process of Sheet Metal Work Objective Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which one of the following types of joints is used in which the end of sheet is placed over the end of another sheet and joined together?
    (A) Lap joint
    (B) Butt joint
    (C) Knocked up joint
    (D) Grooved seam joint

2. The least bend radius varies depending on the
    (A) Material and thickness of plate
    (B) Direction of plate
    (C) Working temperature
    (D) All the above

3. Which type of sheet is used for making house hold utensils?
    (A) Steel sheet
    (B) Aluminium sheet
    (C) Copper sheet
    (D) Galvanized iron sheet

4. Which tool is used for cutting thin sheets of metal?
    (A) Cutting plier
    (B) Straight snip
    (C) Flat nose plier
    (D) Chisel

5. The thickness of sheet metal is indicated by a series of numbers, which is called as
    (A) Number size
    (B) Gauge
    (C) Standard size
    (D) None of the above

6. Sheet metal work is carried out only on metal sheets, which are
    (A) Forged
    (B) Cast
    (C) Rolled
    (D) None of the above

7. Which one of the following stakes provides a double-ended support?
    (A) Hatchet stake
    (B) Half-moon stake
    (C) Creasing stake
    (D) Horse stake

8. What type of sheet metal is suitable for making food containers?
    (A) Aluminium sheet
    (B) Steel sheet
    (C) Tin sheet
    (D) Galvanized iron sheet

9. The thickness of the metal used in sheet metal works above 5 mm is called as:
    (A) Sheets
    (B) Plates
    (C) Strips
    (D) Foils

10. Bent snip is used for
    (A) Removing the burr
    (B) Making holes on the sheet
    (C) Bending the sheet
    (D) Cutting the sheet along curved lines

11. Which among the following joints is suitable for roofing work?
    (A) Lap joint
    (B) Butt joint
    (C) Hinged joint
    (D) Double grooved seam joint

12. Which type of metal sheet is used for furnace?
    (A) Steel sheet
    (B) Galvanized iron sheet
    (C) Copper sheet
    (D) Aluminium sheet

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