Public Building and Earth Quake Resistant Structure MCQs - ObjectiveBooks

Public Building and Earth Quake Resistant Structure MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the minimum thickness for making R.C. Bands?
    (A) 25 mm
    (B) 50 mm
    (C) 75 mm
    (D) 100 mm

2. Which instrument is used to detect and record seismic waves?
    (A) Barograph
    (B) Seismograph
    (C) Diagraph
    (D) Hygrograph

3. Which one of the following in structure is the most important factors affecting its earthquake performance?
    (A) Workability
    (B) Serviceability
    (C) Flexibility
    (D) Responsibility

4. What is the area of playground for 1000 children?
    (A) 0.10 hectare
    (B) 0.13 hectare
    (C) 0.16 hectare
    (D) 0.20 hectare

5. Which device act like shock absorbers between the building and its foundation?
    (A) Damper
    (B) Spring
    (C) Base isolation
    (D) Air bag

6. Which is known as hypocenter?
    (A) Epicenter
    (B) Focus
    (C) Focal depth
    (D) Epicentral distance

7. What is the percentage of the structural cost of the building in the additional cost for the earthquake resisting structure?
    (A) About 1%
    (B) About 2%
    (C) About 3%
    (D) About 5%

8. Which isolation bearings are highly elastic?
    (A) Wood
    (B) Steel
    (C) Rubber
    (D) Bearing pads

9. In which portion of tectonic plates, earthquake generally occurs?
    (A) Plate boundaries
    (B) Diversion plates
    (C) Converging plates
    (D) Middle portion

10. What is the minimum distance to be maintained for the door opening from the cross wall?
    (A) End of the wall
    (B) 300 mm
    (C) 500 mm
    (D) 1000 mm

11. Which shape of building plan is safer for earthquake resisting building?
    (A) Square plan
    (B) T- shaped plan
    (C) H- shaped plan
    (D) Plan have length more than twice the width

12. What is the distance between two through stones?
    (A) 150 to 300 mm
    (B) 300 to 450 mm
    (C) 450 to 600 mm
    (D) 600 to 750 mm

13. Which one of the following is the hard landscape?
    (A) Plantation
    (B) Types of trees
    (C) Design of space for people
    (D) Terrace gardens

14. Which precaution should be taken for site selection to prevent earthquake?
    (A) Near unstable embankments
    (B) On sloping ground
    (C) Columns of different height
    (D) Continuity of subsoil

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