Quiz on Cyber security with answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Quiz on Cyber security with answers - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. ________ Data Encryption Standard (DES) operating modes can be used for large messages with the assurance that an error early in the encryption/decryption process won’t spoil results throughout the communication?
    (A) Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)
    (B) Electronic Codebook (ECB)
    (C) Cipher Feedback (CFB)
    (D) Output Feedback (OFB)

2. Differential Cryptanalysis can be mounted on
    (A) DES encryption algorithm
    (B) AES encryption algorithm
    (C) RSA encryption algorithm
    (D) Deffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm

3. On comparing AES with DES, which of the following functions from DES does not have an equivalent AES function?
    (A) f function
    (B) Permutation p
    (C) Swapping of halves
    (D) XOR of sub-key with function f

4. _______ platforms are used for safety and protection of information in the cloud.
    (A) Cloud workload protection platforms 
    (B) Cloud security protocols
    (C) AWS
    (D) One Drive

5. This helps in identifying the origin of information and authentic user. This referred to here as __________
    (A) Confidentiality
    (B) Integrity
    (C) Authenticity
    (D) Availability

6. This attack can be deployed by infusing a malicious code in a website’s comment section. What is “this” attack referred to here?
    (A) SQL injection
    (B) HTML Injection
    (C) Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
    (D) Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF)

7. Use Caesar’s Cipher to decipher the following “HQFUBSWHG WHAW”

8. The principle of the encryption using a key is _________
    (A) The key indicates which function is used for encryption. Thereby it is more difficult to decrypt a intercepted message as the function is unknown.
    (B) The key contains the secret function for encryption including parameters. Only a password can activate the key.
    (C) All functions are public, only the key is secret. It contains the parameters used for the encryption resp. decryption.
    (D) The key prevents the user of having to reinstall the software at each change in technology or in the functions for encryption.

9. Compromising confidential information comes under ________ 
    (A) Bug
    (B) Threat
    (C) Vulnerability
    (D) Attack

10. When you use the word __________ it means you are protecting your data from getting disclosed.
    (A) Confidentiality
    (B) Integrity
    (C) Availability
    (D) Authenticity

11. The sub key length at each round of DES is__________
    (A) 32
    (B) 56
    (C) 48
    (D) 96

12. Related to information security, confidentiality is the opposite of which of the following?
    (A) Closure
    (B) Disclosure
    (C) Disaster
    (D) Disposal

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