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Roof and Roof Covering - Draughtsman Civil MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. How much surface slope is provided in Bengal Terrace roof?
    (A) 5 to 7 cm
    (B) 8 to 10 cm
    (C) 13 to 15 cm
    (D) 18 to 20 cm

2. What is the brick size used in Madras terrace roof?
    (A) 10 × 60 × 20 cms
    (B) 12 × 65 × 20 cms
    (C) 18 × 80 × 25 cms
    (D) 15 × 75 × 25 cms

3. What is termed as the inclination of roof?
    (A) Eaves
    (B) Pitch
    (C) Hip
    (D) Gable

4. What is the economical span range for the king post truss?
    (A) 5 to 8 m
    (B) 3 to 4.5 m
    (C) 9 to 10 m
    (D) 11 to 12 m

5. Which roof is useful that is provided on circular brick?
    (A) Barrel vault shell roof
    (B) Steel frame dome
    (C) Belfast roof
    (D) Bowstring roof

6. Which rafter support extends from eaves to ridge?
    (A) Valley rafter
    (B) Ridge rafter
    (C) Common rafter
    (D) Principle rafter

7. What is the edge of roof running between the eaves and ridge?
    (A) Verge
    (B) Cleat
    (C) Template
    (D) Purlin

8. What is the centre-to-centre distance of rafters in Bengal Terrace roof?
    (A) 20 cm
    (B) 30 cm
    (C) 40 cm
    (D) 50 cm

9. What is the centre-to-centre distance of battens in Bengal Terrace roof?
    (A) 15 cm
    (B) 20 cm
    (C) 25 cm
    (D) 30 cm

10. What is the Brick Bat concrete thickness generally adopted for Madras terrace roof?
    (A) 125 mm
    (B) 100 mm
    (C) 75 mm
    (D) 60 mm

11. What is the economical span for collar beam roof?
    (A) 5.5 m
    (B) 5.0 m
    (C) 4.7 m
    (D) 4.3 m

12. Which truss consists of wooden member and steel or wrought iron member?
    (A) Truncated truss
    (B) Composite truss
    (C) Compound truss
    (D) King and queen post truss

13. How many days are recommended to set the concrete generally in Madras Terrace roof?
    (A) 2
    (B) 3
    (C) 4
    (D) 5

14. What is the maximum slope given to the flat roof?
    (A) 5°
    (B) 6°
    (C) 8°
    (D) 10°

15. Which flat roof is provided with tie rod?
    (A) R.C.C floor
    (B) Bengal terrace
    (C) Madras terrace
    (D) Jack arch floor

16. What is the centre-to-centre distance of joist in Brick concrete terrace roof?
    (A) 30 cm
    (B) 45 cm
    (C) 60 cm
    (D) 75 cm

17. What is a rafter provided at junction of two slopes?
    (A) Jack rafter
    (B) Common rafter
    (C) Hip rafter
    (D) Principle rafter

18. Which truss consists of thin timber section at its top chord curved?
    (A) Truncated truss
    (B) Bow string truss
    (C) Bel fast truss
    (D) Mansard roof truss

19. What is the slope usually given on R.C.C flat roof?
    (A) 1 in 15
    (B) 1 in 20
    (C) 1 in 60
    (D) 1 in 130

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