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Safety Precautions, Hand Tools and Timber MCQ Test

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which is used to hold the job while sawing?
    (A) Bench hook
    (B) Saw vice
    (C) Hand screw
    (D) Bench hold fast

2. What is the properties of bamboo wood?
    (A) Light soft
    (B) Large texture
    (C) Heavy weight
    (D) Flexible and strong

3. What is the safety precaution observed in a carpentry workshop?
    (A) Wear loose clothing
    (B) Secure the work piece rigidly before cutting
    (C) Hold sharpening tools in hand loosely
    (D) Avoid safety goggles

4. What is the name of fully developed wood that surrounds the pith?
    (A) Sap wood
    (B) Soft wood
    (C) Heart wood
    (D) Light wood

5. Name the shake forms along the annual rings?
    (A) Cup shake
    (B) Star shake
    (C) Heart shake
    (D) Radial shake

6. What is the advantage of portable power planing machine?
    (A) Smooth corner surface
    (B) Smooth curved edge
    (C) Rough gluing surface
    (D) Smooth surface of wood

7. Which gauge stem is long?
    (A) Butt gauge
    (B) Panel gauge
    (C) Cutting gauge
    (D) Marking gauge

8. Which safety equipment is used for eye protection while grinding a wood chisel?
    (A) Shoe
    (B) Helmet
    (C) Goggles
    (D) Apron

9. Which tree grows new layers on the outside of the trunk?
    (A) Endogenous tree
    (B) Conifers tree
    (C) Exogenous tree
    (D) Narrow leaves tree

10. What is the advantage of bradawl?
    (A) Making small holes
    (B) Making deep holes
    (C) Making large holes
    (D) Making shallow holes

11. Which part of wood protects from external destroying agencies?
    (A) Pith
    (B) Bark
    (C) Annular ring
    (D) Medullary rays

12. What is the use of portable power circular saw machine?
    (A) Cross cutting and ripping
    (B) Key hole cutting
    (C) Leather cutting
    (D) Curved cutting

13. What is the possibility to prevent fire?
    (A) Eliminate carbon - dioxide
    (B) Eliminate nitrogen
    (C) Eliminate oxygen
    (D) Eliminate helium

14. What is the tool used to check the surface and squareness of edge?
    (A) Try square
    (B) Bevel square
    (C) Plumb bob
    (D) Standard wire gauge

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