Shaper Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Shaper Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which one of the following operations is NOT performed on shaper?
    (A) Machining horizontal surfaces
    (B) Machining vertical surfaces
    (C) Cutting grooves and keyways
    (D) Cutting 'V' threads

2. The size of shaper is specified by
    (A) Minimum length of stroke
    (B) Maximum length of stroke
    (C) Maximum size of the tool used
    (D) Size of table

3. In shaping work, the selection of cutting speed depends upon the
    (A) Type of material to be shaped
    (B) Cutting tool material
    (C) Both 'A' and 'B'
    (D) Neither 'A' nor 'B'

4. Clapper box of shaper is used to
    (A) Lift the tool during cutting stroke
    (B) Lift the tool during return stroke
    (C) Lift the tool in the middle of the stroke
    (D) Avoid overhanging of tool

5. The bull gear in a shaper is driven by
    (A) Sliding block
    (B) A pinion
    (C) A shaft
    (D) A pulley

6. HSS shaper tool can resist heat at about
    (A) 600°C
    (B) 800°C
    (C) 1000°C
    (D) 1200°C

7. The length of stroke of shaper ram should be
    (A) Exactly equal to the length of cut to be taken
    (B) Less than the length of cut to be taken
    (C) More than the length of cut to be taken
    (D) None of the above

8. Which one of the following is NOT the part of a shaper?
    (A) Bull gear
    (B) Ram
    (C) Tailstock
    (D) Clapper box

9. Which one of the following statements is correct?
    (A) The table of a standard shaper can be swiveled to any angle
    (B) Draw cut shapers are commonly used in industries
    (C) For shaping a surface, the length of workpiece and stroke length set must be equal
    (D) Workpiece, which are difficult to hold on a standard shaper table can be held and machined by using a traveling head shaper

10. Which one of the following parts of the shaper supports the table?
    (A) Base
    (B) Ram
    (C) Saddle
    (D) Clapper box

11. When shaping a workpiece on shaper, the length of the stroke should be
    (A) Equal to the width of the table
    (B) Equal to the workpiece length
    (C) More than the workpiece length
    (D) Less than the workpiece length

12. The reciprocating motion to the ram of a mechanical shaper is given by the bull gear. If the ram makes one forward and one return stroke, the number of revolutions the bull gear makes is
    (A) One-fourth
    (B) One-half
    (C) One
    (D) Two

13. In a shaper, rotary motion is converted into reciprocating motion by means of
    (A) Worm and worm wheel
    (B) Rack and pinion
    (C) Rocker arm and bull gear
    (D) Shaft and pulley

14. A shaper tool has side and front clearance
    (A) Equal to that of lathe tool
    (B) More than that of lathe tool
    (C) Less than that of lathe tool
    (D) None of the above

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