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Sheet Metal Work Tools and Process Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which stake is used for making sharp bends, folding the edges of sheet metal?
    (A) Funnel stake
    (B) Hatchet stake
    (C) Beak iron stake
    (D) Half moon stake

2. What is the reason for sheet metal cutting is incorrect by using snips?
    (A) Cooling is ineffective
    (B) Opening angle incorrect
    (C) Selection of snip incorrect
    (D) Full length of blade by single stroke

3. What is called the developing lines and curves that form a pattern?
    (A) Stretch out
    (B) Pattern
    (C) Layout
    (D) Template

4. Which tool is used to level the sheet on a levelling plate?
    (A) Anvil
    (B) Stake
    (C) Mallet
    (D) Hammer

5. Which tool is used to punch small holes near the edge of thin sheet?
    (A) Nail punch
    (B) Prick punch
    (C) Centre punch
    (D) Hand lever punch

6. What is the purpose of creasing iron stake grooving slots?
    (A) Making large diameter thin gauge tubes
    (B) Making small diameter thin gauge tubes
    (C) Making large diameter heavy gauge tubes
    (D) Making small diameter heavy gauge tubes

7. Which material is used for making mallets?
    (A) Brass
    (B) Copper
    (C) Hard wood
    (D) Aluminium

8. What is the supporting tool used in sheet metal work to bend, seam and form?
    (A) Anvils
    (B) Work bench
    (C) Bench vice
    (D) Wooden formers

9. How to prevent the wing compass from slipping while scribing circles on sheet metal?
    (A) Make large drill
    (B) Make small punch mark to seat the compass leg point
    (C) Make small drill
    (D) Make small boring

10. What is the advantage of half moon stake?
    (A) Squaring corners
    (B) Shaping and seaming funnels
    (C) Folding the edges of sheet metal
    (D) Turning up flanges on metal disc

11. What is called a piece of material cut to the exact size and shape to form desired object?
    (A) Pattern
    (B) Layout
    (C) Template
    (D) Stretch out

12. What is the name of striking portion of hammer?
    (A) Face
    (B) Pein
    (C) Cheek
    (D) Handle

13. What is the advantage of funnel stake?
    (A) Used to flat edges
    (B) Used to taper articles
    (C) Used to turn circular disc
    (D) Used to squaring corners

14. Which tool is used for producing holes in thin section material?
    (A) Drill
    (B) Anvil
    (C) Punch
    (D) Scriber

15. Which type of development method is applied if the other three methods cannot be developed?
    (A) Geometric construction method
    (B) Triangulation method
    (C) Parallel line method
    (D) Radial line method

16. Which instrument is used for measurement transfer to the wing compass?
    (A) Steel rule
    (B) Folding rule
    (C) Zigzag rule
    (D) Collapsible rule

17. What development method applied for articles of components that are tapered to an apex?
    (A) Parallel line method
    (B) Triangular method
    (C) Radial line method
    (D) Geometric construction method

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