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Simple Furniture Making Carpentry & Metal working MCQ

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. What is the essential characteristic of wood for furniture work?
    (A) Easily apply to marking
    (B) Easily apply to paint
    (C) Easily apply to drilling
    (D) Easily converted to any shape

2. Which operation is to be performed after the planning to make a stool?
    (A) Sawing
    (B) Marking
    (C) Tenoning
    (D) Drilling

3. Which is the property of wood useful for easy handling furniture work?
    (A) Light in weight
    (B) Quick bending
    (C) More flexible
    (D) More weight

4. What is the width and thickness for stool legs?
    (A) 50 mm × 50 mm
    (B) 65 mm × 65 mm
    (C) 70 mm × 70 mm
    (D) 80 mm × 80 mm

5. Which characteristic of wood is useful for making furniture (Executive table)?
    (A) Light warping
    (B) Light shrinkage
    (C) Sawing very more time
    (D) More natural durability and High resale value

6. Which size of top rail is used for stool?
    (A) 75 mm × 30 mm
    (B) 100 mm × 30 mm
    (C) 125 mm × 30 mm
    (D) 150 mm × 30 mm

7. What is the characteristic of wood for furniture work (Packing cases)?
    (A) More vibration
    (B) Medullary rays clear
    (C) Medullary ray very near
    (D) Loading and unloading element

8. What is the thickness for stool top plank?
    (A) 10 mm
    (B) 25 mm
    (C) 35 mm
    (D) 40 mm

9. Which material is used to cover the screw head the stool?
    (A) Putty
    (B) Stain
    (C) Wood chips
    (D) Wooden peg

10. Which bottom rail size is used for stool?
    (A) 50 mm × 30 mm
    (B) 60 mm × 30 mm
    (C) 70 mm × 30 mm
    (D) 80 mm × 30 mm

11. Which operation is to be performed before assembly of stool?
    (A) Apply the glue
    (B) Apply the wax
    (C) Apply the putty
    (D) Apply the stain

12. Why teak wood is used in furniture work?
    (A) Jointing more time
    (B) Quick attack fungus
    (C) More moisture content
    (D) High degree of natural durability

13. Which wood is suitable for furniture work?
    (A) Teak
    (B) Babul
    (C) Mango
    (D) Bamboo

14. What is the required property of wood to make computer furniture?
    (A) Distance Medullary rays
    (B) Distance annual rays
    (C) Distance grain
    (D) Better insulating

15. Which type of grain on wood is suitable for furniture?
    (A) Straight grain
    (B) Cross grain
    (C) Interlock grain
    (D) Wayne grain

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