Simple Furniture Making Designs and Construction MCQ - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Simple Furniture Making Designs and Construction MCQ - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which can be easily worked and bent for shapes and designs?
    (A) Plywood
    (B) Block board
    (C) Radial cut board
    (D) Laminated board

2. What is the name of the upper most horizontal part of door frame?
    (A) Stile
    (B) Head
    (C) Pane
    (D) Revel

3. What is the purpose of laminated board?
    (A) Roofing work
    (B) Packing work
    (C) Structural work
    (D) High class furniture

4. What is the direction of operation portable disc sander machine?
    (A) Grain direction
    (B) Uneven direction
    (C) Bevel direction
    (D) Inclined direction

5. What is the use of doorframe?
    (A) To fix the shutter
    (B) To fix window shutter
    (C) To fix protection bar
    (D) To fix the grill

6. What is the remedy to prevent burning of wood, while sanding by disc sander machine?
    (A) Use light pressure
    (B) Use too much pressure
    (C) Use high pressure
    (D) Use very low pressure

7. What is the definition of veneer?
    (A) Thin sheet of wood
    (B) Thick sheet of wood
    (C) Bulk squared wood
    (D) Round piece of wood

8. What is the name of bottom piece for window frame?
    (A) Hold fast
    (B) Sill
    (C) Horn
    (D) Stile

9. What is the advantage of wooden partition?
    (A) Quick constructed
    (B) Fire resisting property
    (C) Prevent the terminals
    (D) Prevent the decay

10. What is the precaution while sanding to prevent the burning of work?
    (A) Remove the dust
    (B) Remove the tool
    (C) Remove the PPE
    (D) Remove the bush stick

11. Which timber is used for manufacture of boiling water proof ply wood?
    (A) Teak, maple and sissoo
    (B) Sal, babul and kail
    (C) Chir, deodar and palm
    (D) Bamboo, coconut and lingo stone

12. Which material is used to make hard board?
    (A) Shavings and wood chips
    (B) Thin sheet wood
    (C) Bulk wood
    (D) Breaking wood chips

13. Where is wooden partition supported?
    (A) Bevel to side walls
    (B) Inclined to side walls
    (C) Horizontal to side walls
    (D) Floor and fixed walls

14. How to maintain the portable disc sander machine after sanding?
    (A) Remove the sand paper
    (B) Remove the disc
    (C) Remove dust from disc
    (D) Remove dust from motor ventilation slots

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