Simple Furniture Making Materials Objective Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Simple Furniture Making Materials Objective Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is the application of insulation screw driver?
    (A) Used for heavy work
    (B) Used by carpenters
    (C) Used by electricians
    (D) Used by limited space

2. Which joint is strength in small table top rail?
    (A) Hunched mortise and tenon joint
    (B) Half lap joint
    (C) Bridle joint
    (D) Scarf joint

3. Which method of sawing increases the value of the timber for cabinet work?
    (A) Quarter sawing
    (B) Tangential sawing
    (C) Back sawing
    (D) Live sawing

4. What is the hinge used for automatically closed door?
    (A) Butt hinge
    (B) Strap hinge
    (C) Spring hinge
    (D) Garnet hinge

5. What is the benefit of conversion timber?
    (A) Minimize shrinkage
    (B) More shrinkage
    (C) More damage
    (D) More cost

6. What is the furniture is used for class room?
    (A) Index cabinet
    (B) Executive table
    (C) Map stand
    (D) Sofas

7. Which type of screw driver is used by carpenters?
    (A) Phillips screw driver
    (B) Standard screw driver
    (C) Offset screw driver
    (D) London pattern screw driver

8. Which furniture is used for library?
    (A) Glass board
    (B) Map stand
    (C) Executive chair
    (D) Book shelves

9. What is the use of T hinges?
    (A) Similar doors
    (B) Folding doors
    (C) Swinging doors
    (D) Long and heavy doors

10. Where is the use of dressing table furniture?
    (A) Bed room
    (B) Dining room
    (C) Living room
    (D) Kitchen room

11. What is the advantage of butt hinge?
    (A) Cheap and durable
    (B) Effect good comfort
    (C) Greater holding power
    (D) High rusting power

12. What is the reason for radial sawing taking more time?
    (A) Saw blade slow speed
    (B) Saw blade very high speed
    (C) Timber more moisture
    (D) Handling the log turning new position

13. Why Sal wood is used for furniture (cot) work?
    (A) Flexible timber
    (B) Light in color
    (C) Light in weight
    (D) Wood is hard and heavy

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