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Solid Work Auto-CAD Commands Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the name of drawing when two or more parts join together?
    (A) Junction
    (B) Merged
    (C) Assembly
    (D) Combination

2. How it can be changed when once an entity has been defined in SolidWorks?
    (A) Using cut function
    (B) Changing the input
    (C) Editing
    (D) Deleting it

3. By which feature a cylinder can be created by drawing a rectangular shape?
    (A) Revolve
    (B) Move
    (C) Extrude
    (D) Sweep

4. What is the default grid spacing in both X & Y direction in AutoCAD?
    (A) 20
    (B) 10
    (C) 5
    (D) 15

5. What is called when cutting the corner at an angle?
    (A) Fillet
    (B) Chamfer
    (C) Bevel
    (D) Taper

6. Which command is not seen in surface option in model tool bar in an inventor?
    (A) Stitch
    (B) Thicken
    (C) Sculpt
    (D) Axis

7. Which command is use to arrange an object in rectangular matrix or polar grid?
    (A) Copy
    (B) Move
    (C) Mirror
    (D) Array

8. What is the function of insert block in AutoCAD?
    (A) To insert pre-saved shape in current drawing
    (B) To open a save shape
    (C) To save a new shape
    (D) To edit a new shape

9. By which all the part drawing can be made visible in the graphic area?
    (A) Sketch tool bar
    (B) Selection filter
    (C) Command manager
    (D) Property manager

10. What is the name of outside surface of part in SolidWorks?
    (A) Edge
    (B) Origin
    (C) Corner
    (D) Face

11. Which command is used to cut a line in Auto CAD?
    (A) Extend
    (B) Trim
    (C) Delete
    (D) Offset

12. Where "Alt F' command is used in SolidWorks?
    (A) For file menu
    (B) For zoom in
    (C) For zoom out
    (D) For filter edge

13. Which of the following is file extension in inventor?
    (A) .pdf
    (B) .org
    (C) .drg
    (D) .ipt

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