Temporary Structure in Civil Construction Works MCQ - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Temporary Structure in Civil Construction Works MCQ - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which scaffold is suitable; if the construction work is to be carried out for upper floors?
    (A) Single scaffolding
    (B) Independent scaffolding
    (C) Suspended scaffolding
    (D) Needle scaffold

2. Which shoreing is suitable, for existing foundations to be depended?
    (A) Dead shore
    (B) Flying shore (Single)
    (C) Flying shore (Double)
    (D) Raking shore

3. What is ro in the formula for determining UBC of soil = ro
    (A) Factor of safety
    (B) Density of soil at depth
    (C) Ultimate load on unit area
    (D) Resistance of soil / unit area

4. Which soil observation method belongs to Seismic refraction method?
    (A) Sub surface sounding method
    (B) Deep boring method
    (C) Wash boring method
    (D) Geophysical method

5. What is the recommended super imposed material load in Kg/m2 for residential and hospital buildings?
    (A) 400 Kg/m2
    (B) 250 Kg/m2
    (C) 300 Kg/m2
    (D) 350 Kg/m2

6. Which type of pile is termed as simplex pile?
    (A) Cased cast in situation concrete pile
    (B) Uncased cast in situation concrete pile
    (C) Non load bearing pile
    (D) Timber pile

7. What is the scaffolding used for painting, pointing, while washing and maintenance work?
    (A) Steel scaffolding
    (B) Trestle scaffolding
    (C) Cantilever scaffolding
    (D) Suspended scaffolding

8. What is the name of scaffold, if it is formed with steel in special types of couplings and frames?
    (A) Patented scaffold
    (B) Brick layers scaffold
    (C) Independent scaffold
    (D) Cantilever scaffold

9. What is the minimum distance between building and a tree?
    (A) 8 m
    (B) 6 m
    (C) 5 m
    (D) 4 m

10. What is the super imposed material load in Kg/m2 for office and churches?
    (A) 400
    (B) 350
    (C) 300
    (D) 250

11. Which foundation is preferred, if heavy inflow seepage and not possible to excavate the trenches and keep them dry?
    (A) Raft foundation
    (B) Pile foundation
    (C) Grillage foundation
    (D) Cantilever foundation

12. What is the name of timber piece used to give rigidity to frame work in timbering?
    (A) Strut
    (B) Bracing
    (C) Sheeting
    (D) Poling boards

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