Temporary Structure in Construction MCQ - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Temporary Structure in Construction MCQ - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which method of improving B.C of soil is useful for bearing stratum is met at greater depth?
    (A) Grouting method
    (B) Compacting soil method
    (C) Increasing the (Depth) of foundation method
    (D) Drainage of soil method

2. What is the weight range of brick in Kg/m3?
    (A) 1400 - 1440
    (B) 1440 - 1550
    (C) 1600 - 1920
    (D) 2000 - 2100

3. What is the weight of steel in Kg/m3?
    (A) 7250
    (B) 7500
    (C) 7850
    (D) 8000

4. Which pile anchor down the structure subjected to uplift due to hydrostatic pressure / overturning moment?
    (A) Friction pile
    (B) End bearing pile
    (C) Tension pile
    (D) Compaction pile

5. Which foundation is suitable, if no firm bearing strata exists at reasonable depth and the loading is uneven?
    (A) Raft foundation
    (B) Grillage foundation
    (C) Combined footing foundation
    (D) Pile foundation

6. What is the shore having the distance between the parallel walls is 9 m to 12 m?
    (A) Raking shores
    (B) Single flying shores
    (C) Double flying shore
    (D) Dead or vertical shore

7. What is the depth of trench while box sheeting carried out in timbering in loose soil?
    (A) 4 m
    (B) 5 m
    (C) 5.5 m
    (D) 6 m

8. What is the approximate depth of vertical sheeting adopted in timbering in soft ground?
    (A) 10 m
    (B) 12 m
    (C) 15 m
    (D) 17 m

9. What is the dead load?
    (A) Roof
    (B) Snow
    (C) Wind pressure
    (D) Men and animals

10. Which type of foundation is recommended for black cotton soil?
    (A) Raft foundation
    (B) Strap foundation
    (C) Spread footing foundation
    (D) Stepped footing foundation

11. Which method of soil exploration is suitable to find the depth of bed rock or stratum?
    (A) Sub surface sounding method
    (B) Geophysical method
    (C) Wash boring method
    (D) Auger boring method

12. Which method of Soil exploration is suitable for testing cohesion less soil?
    (A) Auger boring method
    (B) Sub surface sounding method
    (C) Deep boring method
    (D) Wash boring method

13. What is the weight range of dry earth in Kg/m3?
    (A) 1000 - 1200
    (B) 1200 - 1300
    (C) 1300 - 1400
    (D) 1410 - 1840

14. What is the recommended super imposed load in Kg/m2 for heavy Workshop and factories?
    (A) 500
    (B) 550
    (C) 650
    (D) 750

15. What is the name of the piles that are driven at an inclination to resist large horizontal or inclined forces?
    (A) Batter piles
    (B) Sheet piles
    (C) Anchor piles
    (D) Fender piles

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