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Temporary Structure Objective Questions (MCQ) with Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Which shoring is suitable, if the lower part of wall has become defective?
    (A) Flying shore (Single)
    (B) Flying shore (Double)
    (C) Dead shore
    (D) Raking shore

2. What is a spread footing that supports two columns?
    (A) Strap footing foundation
    (B) Rectangular Combined footing foundation
    (C) Wall footing foundation
    (D) Single footing foundation

3. Which method determining bearing capacity of soil by Rankine’s formula?
    (A) Method of dropping a weight
    (B) Method of loading
    (C) Arithmetical method
    (D) Analytical method

4. Which foundation is suitable, if the water table is very near to G.L and may defect the other types of form?
    (A) Pile foundation
    (B) Raft foundation
    (C) Grillage foundation
    (D) Inverted arch foundation

5. Which scaffold is suitable, if proper hard ground is not available for standards to rest?
    (A) Cantilever scaffold
    (B) Independent scaffold
    (C) Bricklayers scaffold
    (D) Suspended scaffold

6. Which method of soil exploration is suitable for a depth of 3 m?
    (A) Open excavation
    (B) Probing
    (C) Wash boring
    (D) Auger boring

7. Which foundation is suitable, if the Safe bearing capacity of soil is very low and it is required to distribute heavy concentrated load over a large area?
    (A) Raft foundation
    (B) Inverted arch foundation
    (C) Combined footing
    (D) Grillage foundation

8. What is the distance between the (in single row) standards in single scaffolding?
    (A) 2.0 m
    (B) 1.7 m
    (C) 1.5 m
    (D) 1.2 m

9. Which is suitable depth open excavation method of site exploration is suitable?
    (A) 1.5 m
    (B) 2.5 m
    (C) 3.0 m
    (D) 3.5 m

10. What is a temporary structure, to remove water and soil from an area and make it possible to carry out the construction work under reasonably dry condition?
    (A) Cofferdam
    (B) Caisson
    (C) Pier foundation
    (D) Strip / Pad foundation

11. What is the maximum suitable distance between the two adjacent parallel walls for single flying shore?
    (A) 5 m
    (B) 9 m
    (C) 15 m
    (D) 18 m

12. What is the term generally used for the work such as arches and domes?
    (A) Moulds
    (B) Stripping
    (C) Centering
    (D) Form work

13. Which pile is used to protect water front structures against impact from ship / floating object?
    (A) Batter pile
    (B) Fender piles
    (C) Tension pile
    (D) Anchor pile

14. What is the recommended super imposed load material in Kg/m2 for public building and dance hall?
    (A) 500
    (B) 450
    (C) 400
    (D) 350

15. What is the piling method carried out for trenches about 10 meters depth in soft grounds?
    (A) Sheet piling
    (B) Stay bracing
    (C) Box sheeting
    (D) Vertical piling

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