Textiles and Clothing Basic Operation MCQs - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Textiles and Clothing Basic Operation MCQs - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which name of the pleats made by two singles in opposite direction?
    (A) Knife pleats
    (B) Simple pleats
    (C) Box pleats
    (D) Reverse pleats

2. What is the angle of bias strips?
    (A) 40°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 75°

3. What is an extension of a garment on the raw edge for example hem line and neck line?
    (A) Bias facing
    (B) In closing
    (C) Facing
    (D) Banding

4. Which trimming used for bulky seam?
    (A) Grading
    (B) Trimming
    (C) Clipping
    (D) Notching

5. Which is the constructed of overlapping corners?
    (A) Pants
    (B) Shorts
    (C) Handkerchiefs
    (D) Salwar

6. Which hem most of the hem allowance is eliminated?
    (A) Enclosed hems
    (B) Faced hems
    (C) Rolled hems
    (D) Turned - up - hem

7. Which fabric is excellent choicer of the shirring?
    (A) Jersey
    (B) Cotton
    (C) Nylon
    (D) Polyester

8. What is the height of elastic in casing?
    (A) Wider than casing
    (B) Narrow than casing
    (C) Equal height
    (D) Very border than casing

9. Which dart is wide at one end pointed at the other shape in triangular?
    (A) Full dart
    (B) Half dart
    (C) Contour dart
    (D) Slashed dart (Double point)

10. Which is a fabric tunnel?
    (A) Placket
    (B) Casing
    (C) Binding
    (D) Facing

11. What is the function of facing and enclosing of edges?
    (A) Turning up the raw edge
    (B) Right side of the cloth
    (C) Side seam
    (D) Selvedge of the cloth

12. What is the other variation of contour dart?
    (A) Standard dart
    (B) French dart
    (C) Double pointed darts
    (D) Waist darts

13. Which is the width of the frills are more than they are called as?
    (A) Jettings
    (B) Flounces
    (C) Strips
    (D) Fly

14. Which are the one or two rows of stitching drawn up to form very tiny pleats in the fabrics?
    (A) Pleats
    (B) Gathers
    (C) Tucks
    (D) Darts

15. How many types in basic hem?
    (A) One type
    (B) Two types
    (C) Three types
    (D) Type D

16. Which trim is used to pull the casing?
    (A) Zipper
    (B) Lace
    (C) Drawstring
    (D) Rib

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