Theodolite Surveying in Civil Works MCQ with Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Theodolite Surveying in Civil Works MCQ with Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What bench mark is established for short duration such as at the end of a day’s work?
    (A) Arbitrary bench mark
    (B) Temporary bench mark
    (C) Permanent bench mark
    (D) GTS bench mark

2. What is the smallest graduated division in levelling staff?
    (A) 0.5 m
    (B) 0.05 m
    (C) 0.005 m
    (D) 0.0005 m

3. What is the name of the imaginary line of constant elevation on the ground surface?
    (A) Relief
    (B) Contour line
    (C) Contouring line
    (D) Contour interval

4. What will be the difference of level A and B if the B.S is 3.560 m and F.S is 2.860 m?
    (A) 1.700 m
    (B) 1.600 m
    (C) 1.500 m
    (D) 0.700 m

5. What is the deflection angle that the angle measured in clockwise direction?
    (A) Left deflection angle
    (B) Right deflection angle
    (C) Vertical deflection angle
    (D) Horizontal deflection angle

6. What is the name of traversing that is used for running survey lines of a closed or open survey?
    (A) Chain surveying
    (B) Compass surveying
    (C) Theodolite surveying
    (D) Plane table surveying

7. What is the traversing that a device is used to fix direction?
    (A) Chain traversing
    (B) Compass traversing
    (C) Theodolite traversing
    (D) Plane table traversing

8. What is the name of level designated as self aligning level?
    (A) Tilting level
    (B) Auto level
    (C) Dumpy level
    (D) Wye (Y) level

9. What is the name of the level that does not require any protection from the sun?
    (A) Titling level
    (B) Auto level
    (C) Dumpy level
    (D) Wye (y) level

10. What R.F is select the drawing of building sites as a topographic map?
    (A) 1/100
    (B) 1/1000
    (C) 1/5000
    (D) 1/10000

11. What is the instrument with its telescope can be revolved through 180° in a vertical plane about its horizontal axis?
    (A) Auto level
    (B) Dumpy level
    (C) Transit theodolite
    (D) Non-Transit theodolite

12. What is the term for rotating the telescope in horizontal plane about its vertical axis?
    (A) Cantering
    (B) Revolution
    (C) Swing
    (D) Sighting

13. What is the test carried in theodolite to make the plate bubbles centre to run if the vertical axis is truly vertical?
    (A) Spine test
    (B) Plate level test
    (C) Collimation test
    (D) Bubble tube adjustment

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