Theodolite Traversing (Surveying) Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Theodolite Traversing (Surveying) Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the name of survey done after balancing traverse?
    (A) Offset survey
    (B) Radial survey
    (C) Plotting a traverse survey
    (D) Bowditch’s method

2. Which branch of surveying deals with the measurements in vertical plane?
    (A) Chaining
    (B) Levelling
    (C) Compassing
    (D) Plane tabling

3. What is the message to indicate the movement of left-arm over 90 Degree?
    (A) Return to arm
    (B) Establish the position
    (C) Move my right
    (D) Move my left

4. What method of contour is suitable for contouring in hilly areas?
    (A) By square method
    (B) By cross section method
    (C) By tachometry method
    (D) By levelling method

5. What is the method of precisely the horizontal angle from a single station point can be measured?
    (A) Reiteration method
    (B) Precipitation method
    (C) Radial method
    (D) Offset method

6. What is the method of prolongation of a straight line that result cumulative errors, if the instrument is not in adjustment?
    (A) Prolonging a line by first method
    (B) Prolonging a line by second method
    (C) Prolonging a line by third method
    (D) Prolonging a line by fourth method

7. What is the major disadvantage of open traverse?
    (A) There is no check on summation of angles
    (B) Check both linear and angular measurement
    (C) Traverse are terminate at the same point
    (D) Mathematically closed and geometrically

8. Which column is used, the first entry in the level book page?
    (A) Fore sight
    (B) Back sight
    (C) Intermediate sight
    (D) Height of instrument

9. Which type of the collimation error is eliminated?
    (A) Dumpy level
    (B) Wye (y) level
    (C) Cooke’s reversible level
    (D) Cushing’s level

10. Which line is normal to plumb line at all points?
    (A) Level line
    (B) Vertical line
    (C) Curved line
    (D) Horizontal line

11. What is the purpose of using theodolite primarily?
    (A) To measure vertical angle only
    (B) To measure inclined angle only
    (C) To measure horizontal angle only
    (D) To measure horizontal vertical angles

12. What is the adjustment done to place the vertical axis exactly over the station?
    (A) Setting up
    (B) Centering
    (C) Levelling up
    (D) Focusing

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