Tools used in Wood Engineering MCQ - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Tools used in Wood Engineering MCQ - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. When making a paneled door, use ________ joints to connect stiles and rails.
    (A) Mortise-and-tenon
    (B) Dovetail
    (C) Butt
    (D) Half-lap

2. Most fires can be extinguished by
    (A) Increasing the heat so the fire burns more quickly
    (B) Removing the source of fuel
    (C) Increasing the level of oxygen
    (D) All of the above

3. When using a crosscut saw, which of the following is not recommended?
    (A) Hold the saw at a 45-degree angle
    (B) Apply light pressure on the push cuts
    (C) Cut with the grain
    (D) Cut on the waste side of the cutting line

4. The two main types of butt joints include edge butt joints and
    (A) End butt joints
    (B) Face butt joints
    (C) Corner butt joints
    (D) Angled butt joints

5. The most common lap joint is the _______ joint.
    (A) Surface-lap
    (B) End-to-end half-lap
    (C) Cross-lap
    (D) Half-lap

6. One way to support shelves in a bookcase is to drill holes in the sides and insert
    (A) Brackets
    (B) Cleats
    (C) Shelf pins or dowels
    (D) Screws

7. A device for holding a door closed is called a
    (A) Knob
    (B) Pull
    (C) T-plate
    (D) Catch

8. The most common saw blades are ________ blades.
    (A) Ripsaw
    (B) Crosscut
    (C) Combination
    (D) All of the above

9. Which of the following formulas is used to calculate board feet?
    (A) L ´ W
    (B) aa + bb + cc
    (C) (T ´ W ´ L) ÷ 12
    (D) T ´ W ÷ L

10. A rabbet is a(n) _______ placed along the end or edge of a boar(D)
    (A) Ridge
    (B) Slot
    (C) L-shaped cut
    (D) Dovetail

11. A _______ is used along with a saw to cut miters.
    (A) Dado cutter
    (B) Miter box
    (C) Framing jig
    (D) Try square

12. When pre-drilling wood for screws, drill the _______ in the first piece of stock, then hold this piece over the second piece to mark the location for the pilot hole.
    (A) Plug hole
    (B) Shank clearance hole
    (C) Countersink
    (D) Counter bore

13. Flat cutting produces a
    (A) Flat grain
    (B) Irregular grain
    (C) Patterned grain
    (D) Cathedral grain

14. The first step in crosscutting operations is to put the ______ in place.
    (A) Miter gauge
    (B) Rip fence
    (C) Sliding T-bevel
    (D) Stop block

15. Which of the following is not an advantage of the sliding compound miter saw?
    (A) It can cut dadoes
    (B) It is safer than a radial-arm saw
    (C) It can cut angles easily
    (D) It can be taken to construction sites

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