Types of Projection in Engineering Drawing MCQs - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Types of Projection in Engineering Drawing MCQs - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. In which method of orthographic projection the object is placed below H.P. and behind V.P.?
    (A) 1st angle projection
    (B) 2nd angle projection
    (C) 3rd angle projection
    (D) 4th angle projection

2. To draw the orthographic projection, visual rays are _________ to the projection plane?
    (A) Parallel
    (B) Adjacent
    (C) Perpendicular
    (D) Tangent

3. How many dimensions are minimum required from the isometric view to draw each view in orthographic projection?
    (A) Single dimension
    (B) Two dimensions
    (C) Trifle dimensions
    (D) Three dimensions

4. What is angle of isometric view?
    (A) 30°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 90°

5. What is included angle of pentagon?
    (A) 112°
    (B) 108°
    (C) 72°
    (D) 68°

6. When plan of an object lies below the elevation the projection is known as?
    (A) Third angle projection
    (B) Fourth angle projection
    (C) Second angle projection
    (D) First angle projection

7. Which plane is required to show the front view of an object?
    (A) Profile plane
    (B) Vertical plane
    (C) Horizontal plane
    (D) Parallel plane

8. What are the three principal planes in orthographic projection?
    (A) Frontal, horizontal, profile
    (B) Back, top, profile
    (C) Top, front, right side
    (D) Front, Top, profile

9. Name the drawing which is very much proffered by machine shop?
    (A) Perspective drawing
    (B) Isometric drawing
    (C) Oblique drawing
    (D) Multi view drawing

10. Which factor is required to convert isometric length from true length of object in isometric projection?
    (A) 0.82
    (B) 0.75
    (C) 0.62
    (D) 0.58

11. Which plane is suitable for the projections in isometric view are?
    (A) Converging
    (B) Diverging
    (C) Parallel to plane of projection
    (D) Perpendicular to plane

12. When the three faces make unequal angles between the axes then the projection is known as?
    (A) Horizontal plane
    (B) Picture plane
    (C) Ground plane
    (D) Auxiliary grand plane

13. What is the shape of isometric circle?
    (A) Spherical shape
    (B) Elliptical shape
    (C) Concentric shape
    (D) Eccentric shape

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