Types of Projections Objective Questions with Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Types of Projections Objective Questions with Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. When a pyramid is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the top portion removed, this remaining portion is known as?
    (A) Sphere
    (B) Frustum
    (C) Cylinder
    (D) Cone

2. How the visibility of Isometric views are drawn by?
    (A) Full scale
    (B) Enlarged scale
    (C) True scale
    (D) True length

3. The lines in a sectional view used to show cutting portion of the object is known as?
    (A) Cutting plane lines
    (B) Section lines
    (C) Object lines
    (D) Hidden lines

4. What type of section represents a small portion of an object?
    (A) Half section
    (B) Revolved section
    (C) Removed section
    (D) Broken section

5. When a square surface is parallel to the plane of projection, the resulting projection will be
    (A) Straight line
    (B) True length of edge
    (C) True shape of the surface
    (D) Reduced shape of the surface

6. When a line in perpendicular to a plane of projection its projection on that plan is?
    (A) Point
    (B) Straight line
    (C) Inclined line
    (D) Line with true length

7. When a surface is inclined to the plane of projection, its projection will
    (A) Have true dimension
    (B) Not have true dimension
    (C) Be plane figure
    (D) Be curved

8. When orthographic projection of an object is represented by two or three views on different direction?
    (A) Gives views from different angles from different direction
    (B) Are mutually perpendicular projection plane
    (C) Are parallel along one direction but at different cross-section
    (D) Are obtained by taking paints from 2 or 3 sides of objects

9. When straight lines which are drawn from various points on the contour of an object to meet a plane, those lines are called as
    (A) Connecting line
    (B) Projectors
    (C) Perpendicular line
    (D) Hidden

10. What is the preferred angle of hatching line for sectional view?
    (A) 45°
    (B) 30°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 60°

11. Which section makes use of a short break line?
    (A) Full section
    (B) Offset section
    (C) Revolved section
    (D) Broken out section

12. When a sectional view shows the true shape on the outer part of drawing is known as?
    (A) Removed section
    (B) Revolved section
    (C) Half section
    (D) Full section

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