Uses of JavaScript Creating Web Page MCQ Test - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Uses of JavaScript Creating Web Page MCQ Test - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which one is responsible of running JavaScript code?
    (A) Browser
    (B) Notepad++
    (C) Sublime Text
    (D) Visual studio code

2. Which web server has high performance stability simple configuration and low resources usage?
    (A) Apache
    (B) IIS
    (C) Lite speed
    (D) Nginx

3. What is the purpose module (%) operator in JavaScript?
    (A) Percentage value
    (B) Product value
    (C) Remainder value
    (D) Quotient value

4. Which is the parameter name separator in JavaScript?
    (A) ","
    (B) ":"
    (C) "-"
    (D) "/"

5. What is the process of writing instruction to be get executed by the computer?
    (A) Debugging
    (B) Executing
    (C) Presenting
    (D) Programming

6. Which allows developers to bundle all functionality under a unique application -specific name?
    (A) Class
    (B) Name space
    (C) Object
    (D) Property

7. Which data type in JavaScript returns the value 'True' or 'False'?
    (A) Boolean
    (B) Dynamic
    (C) Object
    (D) String

8. Which statement is used to test a block of code for errors?
    (A) Catch
    (B) Finally
    (C) Throe
    (D) Try

9. Which error indicates that the value is outside the range of expected type?
    (A) Eval Error
    (B) Range Error
    (C) Syntax Error
    (D) Type Error

10. Which method removes the first array element?
    (A) Join()
    (B) Pop()
    (C) Push()
    (D) Shift()

11. Which method is called at the moment of instantiation of an object?
    (A) Constructor
    (B) Inheritance
    (C) Polymorphism
    (D) Property

12. Who developed JavaScript?
    (A) Brendan Eich
    (B) Brendan Rich
    (C) John Eckerl
    (D) John Mauchy

13. Which is a variable separator if more than one variable declared in one statement?
    (A) ","
    (B) ":"
    (C) "-"
    (D) "/"

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