Uses of Saw in Wood Working - MCQ Test Questions - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Uses of Saw in Wood Working - MCQ Test Questions - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Which part is used to support the work while sawing in band saw machine?
    (A) Table
    (B) Upper wheel
    (C) Lower wheel
    (D) Saw straining wheel

2. What is the benefit of fence in surface planning machine?
    (A) Used as a guide
    (B) Adjust the surface
    (C) Support of the base
    (D) Adjust the cutting height

3. How to maintain the knives in surface planer?
    (A) Check the strength
    (B) Check the hardness
    (C) Sharpening at all time
    (D) Maintenance size and shape

4. Which chisel shape is used for the mortising machine?
    (A) Round
    (B) Square
    (C) Half round
    (D) Rectangular

5. What is the remedy for the face plate jamming against the shoulder of the wood turning lathe live spindle?
    (A) Fix the cotton pad
    (B) Fix the iron washer
    (C) Fix the core washer
    (D) Fix the leather washer

6. What is the name of machine used for cutting, bevels, rebates, grooves and tenons?
    (A) Mortising
    (B) Band saw
    (C) Circular saw
    (D) Turning lathe

7. Which part of the circular saw machine is used for guiding the stock?
    (A) Table
    (B) Saw guard
    (C) Ripping fence
    (D) Extension guard

8. What is the function of infeed roller in thickness planer?
    (A) Support the stock
    (B) Used as a stopper
    (C) Move the stock forward
    (D) Used for thickness maintenance

9. Which is the operation performed in pedestal grinding machine?
    (A) Vertical grinding
    (B) Rough grinding
    (C) Cored grinding
    (D) Zigzag grinding

10. What is the safety precaution for drilling in pedestal drilling machine?
    (A) Check the key
    (B) Size of drill
    (C) Check the work piece
    (D) Check the electrical connection

11. Which size of pitch is provided in the chain mortiser for large holes?
    (A) 13 mm
    (B) 15 mm
    (C) 16 mm
    (D) 22 mm

12. How to maintain the sprocket wheel in mortising machine?
    (A) Never lubricate
    (B) Lubricate frequently
    (C) Avoid rusting
    (D) Avoid stripping

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