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Using Accounting Software Objective Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Where does the transactions are entered, before taken to the appropriate ledger account?
    (A) Balance sheet
    (B) Journals
    (C) Receipts
    (D) Vouchers

2. Which function key is used to enter purchase?
    (A) F6
    (B) F7
    (C) F8
    (D) F9

3. Who receives benefits without giving money immediately but liable to pay in future?
    (A) Creditor
    (B) Debtor
    (C) Owner
    (D) Worker

4. Which accounting system is incomplete and unscientific?
    (A) Double Entry System
    (B) Single Entry System
    (C) Triple Entry System
    (D) Multi Entry System

5. Which activity in Tally is used to find out the financial position of the organization?
    (A) Balance sheet
    (B) Book-keeping
    (C) Trading
    (D) Profit and loss

6. Which is the ledger grouping for bills receivable in Tally ERP9?
    (A) Fixed asset
    (B) Current asset
    (C) Direct expenses
    (D) Indirect expenses

7. What is the purpose of Inventory Management Feature in Tally?
    (A) Provides option for data backup
    (B) Provides all relevant information for any stock item in a single screen
    (C) Provides daily balance and transaction value
    (D) Provides option to upload reports on the website directly

8. Which combination of key is used to open 'Tally Reference Manual'?
    (A) Alt + H
    (B) Alt + M
    (C) Alt + R
    (D) Alt + T

9. What is a summarized record of all the transactions to every person, every property and every type of service?
    (A) Account
    (B) Journals
    (C) Ledgers
    (D) Vouchers

10. Which are the things and properties for resale that converts into cash?
    (A) Current assets
    (B) Business Transaction
    (C) Liabilities
    (D) Purchase

11. Which report displays the summary of all the cost centers under a cost category?
    (A) Category summary
    (B) Cost centre Break-up
    (C) Group Break-up
    (D) Ledger break-up

12. Which function key is used to enter receipts?
    (A) F2
    (B) F4
    (C) F6
    (D) F8

13. Which feature offers a parallel classification of stock item?
    (A) Stock categories
    (B) Stock group
    (C) Stock item
    (D) Stock query

14. Which combination of function key is used to open inventory voucher's entry menu?
    (A) Alt + F1
    (B) Alt + F3
    (C) Alt + F5
    (D) Alt + F7

15. Which name indicates the decreasing value of an Asset?
    (A) Current asset
    (B) Depreciation
    (C) Indirect expenses
    (D) Sundry debtor

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