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Valves - Details and Assembled Drawing MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. How many steel bearing are used in a lever safety valve?
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 3
    (D) 4

2. What is typical range of valves that vary widely in form, application and sizes?
    (A) 1 mm to 60 cm
    (B) 0.1 mm to 60 mm
    (C) 0.1 mm to 60 cm
    (D) 1 mm to 60 cm

3. What is the material of weight carrier part of dead weight safety valve?
    (A) Cast Iron
    (B) Cast Steel
    (C) Mild Steel
    (D) Gun Metal

4. What will be the form of a gas or liquid when it will be heated?
    (A) Expand
    (B) Stay the same
    (C) Compressed
    (D) Contract

5. Which component is used to manually control a valve from outside the value body?
    (A) Handle
    (B) Valve disc
    (C) Bonnet
    (D) Seat

6. Which of the following is not a type of valve?
    (A) Gate valve
    (B) Globe valve
    (C) Ball valve
    (D) Eccentric valve

7. Which part is used in Rams bottom safety valve to act when the steam pressure exceeds the set values and allow the steam to escape?
    (A) Washer
    (B) Spring
    (C) Nut
    (D) Lever

8. In which shape three way ball valves come in fluid passageways inside the rotor?
    (A) T or L
    (B) L or M
    (C) T or N
    (D) L or N

9. Which material is not used to make a valve?
    (A) Brass
    (B) Wood
    (C) Gun metal
    (D) Plastic

10. Which of the following valves has four ports equally spaced around the body?
    (A) One way valve
    (B) Two way valves
    (C) Three way valves
    (D) Four way valves

11. Which object is placed near the fulcrum end of the lever through which the load is adjusted?
    (A) Spindle
    (B) Counter weight
    (C) Dead weight
    (D) Stirrup

12. Valve of a pressure cooker is an example of which type of safety valve?
    (A) Rams bottom
    (B) Spring loaded
    (C) Dead weight
    (D) Lever

13. If the handle is turned 90 degree between operating position the valve is called?
    (A) Half turn valve
    (B) Full turn valve
    (C) Quarter turn valve
    (D) Semi turn valve

14. When the sprig is compressed by nuts on the pillars, by which object its length being adjusted?
    (A) Cap
    (B) Seat
    (C) Spindle
    (D) Collars

15. What is the material of lever in safety valves?
    (A) C.S.
    (B) C. I.
    (C) G. M.
    (D) Bronze

16. Where the seat is secured in a vertical hollow pipe in a dead weight safety valve?
    (A) To the top end
    (B) To the middle end
    (C) To the bottom end
    (D) Below the top end

17. Which of the following components are used to prevent the leakage of a gas or fluids from valves?
    (A) Stem
    (B) Trim
    (C) Ports
    (D) Gasket

18. Spring loaded safety valve is also called?
    (A) Lever safety valve
    (B) Dead weight safety valve
    (C) Feed check valve
    (D) Rams bottom safety valve

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