Various Cycles of Vertical Machining Centers MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Various Cycles of Vertical Machining Centers MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is ‘D’ command in tool offset?
    (A) Wear of cutter
    (B) Tool material
    (C) Length of cutter
    (D) Radius tool

2. What is the ‘M’ code for sub program end in FANUC system?
    (A) M98
    (B) M18
    (C) M19
    (D) M99

3. Which code makes the compensated path to the left side of programmed path?
    (A) G40
    (B) G41
    (C) G42
    (D) G43

4. What is E-switch?
    (A) Emergency
    (B) Edit
    (C) Enter
    (D) Reset

5. What is ‘D’ in?
    (A) rpm of the cutter
    (B) Diameter of the cutter
    (C) Cutting speed of the cutter
    (D) Feed of the cutter

6. Which is two dimensional co-ordinate system?
    (A) Absolute
    (B) Incremental
    (C) Polar co-ordinate
    (D) Cartesian coordinate

7. What is G code for back boring cycle in FANUC system?
    (A) G83
    (B) G85
    (C) G87
    (D) G89

8. What is expressed as meter/minute?
    (A) Feed
    (B) Cutting speed
    (C) Depth of cut
    (D) Cycle time

9. Which co-ordinate system is used to program hole positions on a bolt circle?
    (A) Cartesian
    (B) Polar co-ordinate
    (C) Point to point
    (D) Continuous path

10. What is ‘G16’ command in part program?
    (A) Parabolic interpolation
    (B) Polar co-ordinates ON
    (C) Corrosion co-ordinate ON
    (D) Inch programming

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