VBA Programming COPA Computer Science Questions - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

VBA Programming COPA Computer Science Questions - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Which one is indicated by a red dot with a line of code highlighted in red in VBA?
    (A) Break point
    (B) Start point
    (C) End point
    (D) Error point

2. Which type of words cannot use for any other purpose in VBA?
    (A) Literals
    (B) Keywords
    (C) Constants
    (D) Variables

3. While debugging code, which statement allows to go to the highlighted line?
    (A) Step into
    (B) Step over
    (C) Step out
    (D) Show next

4. Which code is used to display a user form in VBA?
    (A) Load user Form1
    (B) User Form1.Show
    (C) User Form1.Show False
    (D) User Form1.Load

5. Which can hold lot of data with one variable in VBA?
    (A) Arrays
    (B) Collections
    (C) Groups
    (D) Methods

6. Which shortcut key is used to open VBA Editor from the Excel worksheet?
    (A) Ctrl + F11
    (B) Alt + F11
    (C) Ctrl + V
    (D) Ctrl + F7

7. Which function is used to check whether the given input is numeric or Not in VBA?
    (A) Numeric()
    (B) Isnumber()
    (C) Isnumeric()
    (D) Isnum()

8. Which variable recognized only within the procedure in which it is declared?
    (A) Local scope
    (B) Module scope
    (C) Global scope
    (D) Project scope

9. Which operators are concatenation operators in VBA?
    (A) "+ and -"
    (B) "& and -"
    (C) "& and +"
    (D) "& and *"

10. What is the another name trigger for an action in VBA?
    (A) Methods
    (B) Modules
    (C) Events
    (D) Macros

11. What will be the output of the following VBA code?
      Debug.printformat(#1/1/2017#, ’yyyy/mm/dd’)
    (A) "1/1/2017"
    (B) "Sun, Jan01, 2017"
    (C) "2017/01/01"
    (D) "Sunday, January 01, 2017"

12. How many numeric data types available in Excel VBA?
    (A) 4
    (B) 5
    (C) 7
    (D) 8

13. Which is used to create user interface forms?
    (A) C
    (B) VBA
    (C) HTML
    (D) JavaScript

14. What is the return type of CSng function in VBA?
    (A) Boolean
    (B) Variant
    (C) Single
    (D) String

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