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Vertical Movement - Vertical Stress Distribution MCQ with Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the number of steps required if the Height of floor is 3.0 m assume the rise is 15 cm for a single flight?
    (A) 21
    (B) 20
    (C) 19
    (D) 18

2. What is the combined framework of handrail and baluster in a stair?
    (A) Barrister
    (B) Stair
    (C) Landing
    (D) Stringer

3. What is an ordinary step of rectangular shape in plan?
    (A) Flier
    (B) Going
    (C) Tread
    (D) Riser

4. What is the stairs flight having an opening between two flights?
    (A) Half turn stair
    (B) Geometrical stair
    (C) Open Newel stair
    (D) Three quarter turn stair

5. What is one end or both ends corners cut in plan of a step?
    (A) Commode
    (B) Splayed
    (C) Bull nose
    (D) Dancing step

6. Which type of stair with the steps is radiated from one point to upper floor?
    (A) Geometrical stair
    (B) Helical stair
    (C) Half turn stair
    (D) Three quarter turn stair

7. What is the range of angle for stair?
    (A) 40° to 45°
    (B) 45° to 60°
    (C) 25° to 30°
    (D) 30° to 40°

8. What is a stair turning through one right angle?
    (A) Quarter turn stair
    (B) Half turn stair
    (C) Three quarter stair
    (D) Geometrical stair

9. What is a stair if its flights run opposite direction and there is no space between the flights?
    (A) Open Newel stair
    (B) Geometrical stair
    (C) Three-quarter turn stair
    (D) Doglegged stair

10. What is a stair branched in two flights at building?
    (A) Geometrical stair
    (B) Bifurcated stair
    (C) Dog legged stair
    (D) Open Newel stair

11. What is the minimum thickness range of stringer used in wooden stair?
    (A) 30 to 50 mm
    (B) 50 to 70 mm
    (C) 70 to 80 mm
    (D) 80 to 90 mm

12. What are the number of treads if the height of floor is 3.8 m and assume rise is 14 cm for double flight?
    (A) 23
    (B) 24
    (C) 25
    (D) 26

13. What is the minimum width of a stair?
    (A) 70 cm
    (B) 80 cm
    (C) 90 cm
    (D) 100 cm

14. What is the inclination of Escalator?
    (A) 45°
    (B) 40°
    (C) 35°
    (D) 30°

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