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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - COPA Questions and Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Which control is used to increase or decrease a value, such as a number time or date?
    (A) Scroll Bar
    (B) Spin Button
    (C) Combo Box
    (D) Toggle Button

2. Which method displays the data form associated with the worksheet in VBA?
    (A) Copy
    (B) Printout
    (C) Show Data Form
    (D) Select

3. Which function returns the current system date and time in VBA?
    (A) Date()
    (B) Day()
    (C) Hour()
    (D) Now()

4. What is the storage size of currency data type in VBA?
    (A) 2 bytes
    (B) 4 bytes
    (C) 8 bytes
    (D) 12 bytes

5. What is the another name for keywords in VBA?
    (A) Literals
    (B) Variables
    (C) User defined words
    (D) Reserved words

6. Which function returns the hyperbolic cosine of the specified angle in VBA?
    (A) Abs()
    (B) Cos()
    (C) Cosh()
    (D) hcos()

7. Which workbook property returns a string value that represents the name of the object in VBA?
    (A) Full name
    (B) Name
    (C) Path
    (D) Worksheets

8. Which shortcut key is used to open project explorer window in VBA?
    (A) Ctrl + R
    (B) Ctrl + P
    (C) Ctrl + W
    (D) Ctrl + E

9. Which one is attributes of an object in VBA?
    (A) Procedures
    (B) Events
    (C) Macros
    (D) Properties

10. What is the alternate name of Bugs?
    (A) Errors
    (B) Keywords
    (C) Variables
    (D) Constants

11. Which function returns specified part of a given date in VBA?
    (A) Day()
    (B) Datevalue()
    (C) Datediff()
    (D) Datepart()

12. Which is a proper object hierarchy in VBA?
    (A) Worksheet, Workbook, Application, Range
    (B) Range, Application, Worksheet, Workbook
    (C) Range, Worksheet, Workbook, Application
    (D) Application, Workbook, Worksheet, Range

13. What is the shortcut key to run the current procedure in VBA?
    (A) F2
    (B) F4
    (C) F5
    (D) F8

14. Which control is suitable to collect the input from the user in VBA?
    (A) Label
    (B) Text box
    (C) Command button
    (D) User form

15. Which function extracts the first 5 characters from a string in VBA?
    (A) Right(str,5)
    (B) Left(str,5)
    (C) Mid(str,5)
    (D) Substr(str,5)

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