Visual Basic for Applications Programming MCQs - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Visual Basic for Applications Programming MCQs - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which function returns the day of the month (number from 1 to 31) given date value in VBA?
    (A) Day()
    (B) Date()
    (C) Month()
    (D) Date part()

2. Which shortcut key is used to open code window in VBA?
    (A) F7
    (B) Alt + F7
    (C) Ctrl + F7
    (D) Shift + F7

3. Which character is to be suffixed for long data type in VBA?
    (A) "&"
    (B) "!"
    (C) "#"
    (D) "@"

4. Which worksheet method is used to copy a sheet to another location in the workbook?
    (A) Activate
    (B) Copy
    (C) Save As
    (D) Select

5. Which type of work book method cannot be modified in VBA?
    (A) Close
    (B) Save
    (C) Save As
    (D) Protect

6. Which box groups related controls into one visual unit in a rectangle with an optional label?
    (A) Label box
    (B) Group box
    (C) List box
    (D) Combo box

7. Which shortcut key is used to step into line - by - line execution in VBA?
    (A) F2
    (B) F4
    (C) F5
    (D) F8

8. Which is used to type / edit the programming code in VBA?
    (A) Form window
    (B) Properties window
    (C) Immediate window
    (D) Visual basic editor

9. Where there is no difference between dim and private in VBA?
    (A) Local scope
    (B) Module scope
    (C) Global scope
    (D) Project scope

10. Which VBA code is used to load user form into memory but do not display?
    (A) User form1.Show
    (B) Load userform1
    (C) Userform1.load
    (D) Show userform1

11. Which is used to repeats the same steps in case of frequency needed actions in VBA?
    (A) Class
    (B) Object
    (C) Functions
    (D) Macros

12. Which button allows a single choice within a limited set of mutually exclusive choice?
    (A) Button
    (B) Option button
    (C) Spin button
    (D) Toggle button

13. Which window displays the entire list of local variables and their current values in VBA?
    (A) Locals window
    (B) Watch window
    (C) Immediate window
    (D) Debugging window

14. Which keyword is used to declare the variables in project scope?
    (A) Static
    (B) Private
    (C) Public
    (D) Protect

15. Which function returns true if the expression is a valid date, otherwise it returns false in VBA?
    (A) CDate()
    (B) IsDate()
    (C) Day()
    (D) Dateadd()

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